‘Injustice,’ Superman and WonderWoman – irks Indians

Superman to the rescue!

Whenever DC Comic’s Superman popped up on our Tv channels, it was bound to leave all smiles and we’d call it a day well spent. A superhero saves the day and all our worries would simply go away hoping one day we’d get to actually see him in real life. However, this time, the superhero seems to have made a lot of its fans unhappy.

A 23 second clip of the trailer for the new DC comic called “Injustice, Superman and Wonder woman,” was realised on social media which irked a lot of Indians. The clip shows the story to be set in Kashmir whilst both the super heroes fight to make it an arms-free zone. Kashmir has been said to be a disputed land in the clip and Superman has been seen forcing representatives of Palestine and Israel to agree on a deal, “You will agree to these terms, or they will be agreed to for you,”

Indian Irks Netizens have openly called it propaganda against India claiming Kashmir is not a disputed region but their sovereign property.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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