Sindh Govt Introduces Climate Change Subject in Universities

In a bold move, the government of Sind decided to make climate change a required course at all of the province’s institutions. It would aid in our flight from the potentially lethal effects of climate change.

Sindh Govt introduces Climate change subject
Sindh Govt introduces Climate change subject

It has been suggested to all of the Vice Chancellors of the universities in Sindh that they add a new topic to their curricula named “Climate Change,” since doing so will open up new doors for research and for the formulation of policies. It would get the word out to the next generation, which is desperately needed right now.

The Sindh govt introduces climate change subject as it is a growing need of our planet. There is a widespread misconception that the primary effect of climate change is an increase in temperature. However, an increase in temperature is just the beginning of the narrative.

As a result of the fact that the Earth is a system in which everything is interconnected, changes that occur in one region might impact changes that occur in all of the other regions.

Our capacity to raise food, live in safe and secure homes, and even do our jobs may all be threatened by climate change. Humanity as a whole is vulnerable to climate change, but some of us are more so than others, especially those of us who live in underdeveloped countries and island nations. Pakistan is among the list of underdeveloped countries.

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The effects of climate change are becoming so severe that entire towns have been forced to evacuate due to things like rising sea levels and saltwater intrusion, and prolonged droughts are placing people in danger of starvation. A growing population of “climate refugees” is predicted for the future. Droughts, water shortages, wildfires, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms, and a loss of wildlife are only some of the current effects of climate change.

The Sindh govt introduces climate change subject, which is without a doubt, a very significant move. Introducing topics related to climate change might perhaps increase knowledge among younger generations, who would then be able to decrease emissions. The only thing that can really help us safeguard our environment and cut our carbon emissions is the next generation.

Certain good Steps have been taken by people in Pakistan in planting trees and Thousand Tree Tsunami is one among them which was introduced by Imran Khan. Through this 10 billion trees had to be planted. Such steps and initiatives must be taken by the government involving our youth.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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