Riz Ahmed: First Pakistani to be Nominated for Oscars

Riz Ahmed is the first actor of Pakistani origin to be nominated for an Oscar, which is a tremendous achievement for Pakistan. 

Where so many good things are happening around Pakistan, another outstanding thing just happened: Riz Ahmed became the first Pakistani actor to be nominated for an Oscar.

Riz Ahmed will be paired with “M3GAN.” According to Deadline, the announcement will take place at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Tuesday.

Ahmed received his first Academy Award nomination last year for the highly praised live-action short film The Long Goodbye, which he co-wrote with Aneil Karia. He previously received praise for his work on Sound of Metal.Other credits include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Emmy-winning miniseries The Night Of.

Ahmed stated earlier this week that he had joined Pakistan’s Oscar entry, Joyland, as executive producer. “Joyland is groundbreaking,” Ahmed added. “And it’s easy to get lost in all the ways it is the first Pakistani film at Cannes, the first award-winner, the first to be Oscar-nominated, and a queer love tale that has surmounted several barriers to its distribution.”

It is rather a big achievement for the Pakistani film industry. Pakistan must continue to make films like these in the future. Just like Joyland, one of the other great movies from the Pakistani film industry is “The Legend of Maula Jutt.”

Films executive Allie Moore said, “Saim Sadiq’s filmmaking is both understated and gut-wrenching. His writing is consistently unexpected —both unflinchingly joyful and devastating. “Every scene is exquisitely composed while bursting with vividly raw characters and performances.” “Joyland is one of the best films of the year, and against all odds of resources and marketing budgets, it’s been amazing to see festival juries, audiences, and critics shouting that from the rooftops.”

The awards will stream live on GoodMorning America, ABC News Live, Disney+, and Oscars.org. for all those watching.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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