Rishi Kapoor: Age, Family and Biography

In this article we explore the life journey of Rishi Kapoor. The legendary actor who was an ultimate addition to kapoor family’s legacy.

Rishi Kapoor: Age, Family and Biography

Rishi Kapoor, a name synonymous with charm, talent, and versatility, was an iconic figure in the Indian film industry. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, he left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions of moviegoers worldwide.

This article delves into the fascinating life and journey of Rishi Kapoor, exploring his family legacy, notable films, his final cinematic outing, and the heart-wrenching news of his demise.

Family Legacy:

Kapoor was born on September 4, 1952, at his family’s home, Raj Kapoor Bungalow, in Matunga, South Bombay, in what was then the Bombay State of India. His parents, Raj Kapoor and Krishna Malhotra, were Punjabi Hindu Khatris from Peshawar and Samundri.

He went to Colonel Brown Cambridge School in Dehradun, Campion School in Bombay, and Mayo College in Ajmer for his education.

Rishi Kapoor hailed from the illustrious Kapoor family, known for their contributions to Indian cinema. He was the second son of legendary actor Raj Kapoor and Krishna Kapoor. The Kapoors were considered the first family of Bollywood, with an unparalleled legacy that spanned generations.

Rishi Kapoor’s paternal uncles, Shashi Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor, were also iconic actors, solidifying their family’s dominance in the film industry.

Rishi Kapoor’s Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Rishi Kapoor grew up in the ambiance of the film industry, surrounded by creative minds and influential personalities. He attended Campion School in Mumbai and later pursued his higher education at Mayo College in Ajmer. However, despite his privileged background, Rishi Kapoor was determined to forge his path in the world of acting.

He was born into the Kapoor family and made his acting start in his father’s film Mera Naam Joker (1970), for which he won the National Film Award for Best Child Actor. As an adult in 1973, at the age of 21, Rishi Kapoor made his acting debut in the film “Bobby,” directed by his father Raj Kapoor.

The film became a blockbuster hit and established Rishi Kapoor as a romantic hero overnight. His boyish charm, vibrant energy, and on-screen chemistry with his co-star Dimple Kapadia captivated audiences, making him an instant heartthrob.

Rishi Kapoor’s Iconic Films:

Rishi Kapoor’s career was studded with a string of memorable performances and successful films. He effortlessly portrayed diverse roles and showcased his versatility as an actor. Some of his notable movies include “Karz,” “Amar Akbar Anthony,” “Prem Rog,” “Chandni,” “Saagar,” and “Kapoor & Sons.”

His collaboration with directors like Yash Chopra and Subhash Ghai brought out the best in him, earning him critical acclaim and numerous accolades.

Rishi Kapoor’s final cinematic appearance came in the film “The Body,” released in 2019. In this suspense thriller, he played the role of a police officer investigating a murder. Though his role was small, his presence on screen reminded audiences of his remarkable talent and unmatched screen presence.

Rishi Kapoor’s Family:

He was the second son of the famous actor and director Raj Kapoor and his wife, Krishna Raj Kapoor (née Malhotra). In the same way, his family has a long history of famous performers, including his brothers Randhir and Rajiv Kapoor, his grandpa Prithviraj Kapoor, his paternal great-uncle Trilok Kapoor, his maternal uncles Prem, Rajendra, Narendra Nath, and Prem Chopra, and his paternal uncles Shashi Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. On the other hand, Rishi Kapoor had two sisters.

The late insurance agent Ritu Nanda and Rima Jain were both his sisters. His nieces and nephews include stars Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, artists Armaan Jain and Aadar Jain, Nitasha Nanda, and businessman Nikhil Nanda.

In 1980, Rishi Kapoor married actress Neetu Singh, who was also from New Delhi and had Punjabi Khatri roots. The couple had a son named Ranbir Kapoor, who is an actress, and a girl. On January 15, 2017, Kapoor’s book, called Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored, came out. Kapoor and Meena Iyer wrote the book together, and it was put out by HarperCollins.

Kapoor was known for saying controversial things about society and politics. In March 2016, he said that the Nehru–Gandhi family was wrong to name roads, houses, and other state assets after Gandhi and Nehru. In September 2017, he went after the Gandhi family again by criticising Rahul Gandhi for being part of a political family.

In March 2020, he used the “Tareekh Pe Tareekh” line from his movie Damini to criticise the Indian Judiciary for not executing the four people who were found guilty in the Nirbhaya case right away .

On April 30, 2020, the film fraternity and his fans worldwide were left devastated by the news of Rishi Kapoor’s untimely demise. He breathed his last at the age of 67 after battling leukemia for two years. His demise marked the end of an era, leaving a void in the industry that can never be filled.

Rishi Kapoor’s Legacy:

Rishi Kapoor’s legacy extends far beyond his films. He will always be remembered as a versatile actor, a charming personality, and a warm-hearted individual. His infectious smile, witty persona, and effortless acting style endeared him to fans of all ages.

Rishi Kapoor’s contribution to Indian cinema will forever remain etched in the hearts of movie lovers, serving as an inspiration for aspiring actors and a reminder of the golden era of Bollywood.

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Rishi Kapoor, a true legend of Indian cinema, will always be cherished for his incredible talent and larger-than-life presence on screen. From his iconic family background to his memorable films and his unfortunate demise, his journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Rishi Kapoor’s films continue to entertain and inspire generations, ensuring that his legacy lives on.

As fans mourn his loss, they find solace in the countless memories and timeless performances he left behind, forever etching his name in the annals of Bollywood history.

Are Rishi kapoor and Anil Kapoor related?

Anil Kapoor is a distant uncle of Rishi Kapoor which inturn means Rishi Kapoor is the cousin of Sonam Kapoor hence Sonam Kapoor happens to be the distant aunt of Ranbir Kapoor.

When and how did Rishi Kapoor die?

Rishi Kapoor on 30 April 2020 at 8:45 AM IST from recurrence of leukemia.

Is Rishi Kapoor related to Kareena Kapoor?

Rishi Kapoor is the uncle of  Kareena Kapoor, that means Kareena Kapoor is cousin of Ranbir Kapoor.

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