Ramiz Raja – The man representing Pakistan

Ramiz Raja, currently serving as the 36th Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, is a man who has only made Pakistan proud on all fronts.

Ramiz Raja, currently serving as the 36th Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, is a man who has only made Pakistan proud on all fronts. But before we get to that, this man shares his birthday with Pakistan, that is to say, he was born on 14 August. Ramiz Raja has played for the Pakistan Cricket team and been the captain for the team during the 1980s and 1990s. After his retirement, he represented Pakistan as a commentator in international matches.

Ramiz Raja was the captain of the Cricket team between 1980s-1990s.

His achievements as a Cricket Player

Ramiz played cricket for 13 years, appearing in 57 matches, scoring two centuries. In his One-Day International Career, he played 198 games and scored 9 centuries. He also became the first player in One Day International cricket to be given out on ‘Obstructing the Field’ against England.

What happened was that it was the last over of the match, with Ramiz at 98 runs. Pakistan needed 25 runs to win. Ramiz ran for two runs, and as he was coming back, the fielder threw the ball. Ramiz knocked the ball off with his bat and was obstructing the field.

His years as a commentator

He has worked as a commentator on Sky Sports and Test Match Special. Over the years, he has worked as a commentator on international and domestic matches.

Chairman PCB

Ramiz Raja assumed office on 13 September 2021 as the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Having been a cricketer himself, Ramiz certainly knows how to boost the team’s morale. At the very start of his tenure, he made specific changes in the Pakistan National Team.

The Pakistani team in the last three months has worked wonders. Our boys have been playing at their best yet somehow are finding ways to get better. They learn from their mistakes and change their strategy for their upcoming games, which is all the best of the lessons, and words of encouragement that Ramiz Raja has given them.

He has had a significant impact on the players, especially the juniors. Recently, in the U-19 Championship, our players defeated India, and Ramiz made sure to give them the praise that they deserved, all the while highlighting the areas of improvement.

Ramiz understands the importance of providing our players with all the necessary things that they need to practice and perform.

In his recent conference, Ramiz said, “We want to make school and club cricket competitive as they are artery of cricket in the country. Our bowlers cannot bowl with spikes in these two formats, so I have spoken with the manufactures in the UK for hybrid pitches, and we will lay a web of such wickets in the country.”

Ramiz wants to improve the condition of Cricket in Pakistan and provide our players with the support that they need to win. We are thankful to him for his efforts and wish him all the best as the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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