Pakistani Reaction to the Halal Version of Beer

According to the chef of the restaurant, the best is for those who are opposed consuming Haram Beer.

A Pakistani restaurant has lately created the Halal version of Beer for the people who periodically want to sample the beer but in a Halal form.

Well, the anchor questioned the chef, ‘how is this beer Halal? Do let us know!’ “The café Spotlight serves unique shots of Halal Beer,” the chef responded to her enquiry. Well, the concept behind Halal Beer was inspired by Dubai where all types of beer are accessible, therefore I wanted to present something for our youth which should be Halal, I produced a version which includes Halal components such as lime soda, fresh fruit puree, 7up soda and Jo Water”.

We blend ingredients in front of customers, and the combination of components results in a beautiful beer. The restaurant is likewise designed as a bar, and a Maulana once inquired, “How is it Halal?” A Pakistani restaurant recently made a Halal version of beer for individuals who wish to try the beer but in a Halal form, according to the restaurant’s chef, the best is for those who are averse to eating Haram Beer.

The public responded negatively to the concept. Almost all Facebook users agreed that linking Haram items with Halal or producing them through Halal is unacceptable. The people reacted angrily to such an unusual concept.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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