National Security Policy Launched

The National Security Policy (2022-2026) was launched at the 36th National Security Conference by the  National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf. 

National security is important for any country. It guarantees economic growth. The National Security Policy (2022-2026) was launched at the 36th National Security Conference by the  National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan along with other key dignitaries. The national policy was documented in consultation with all the stakeholders. It is a citizen-centric policy to ensure the security, dignity of the citizens.

Aims of NSP

The national security policy aims to strengthen security to protect the citizens. A stronger economy creates resources that can be distributed equally amongst military and human security. The framework would be reviewed by National Security Division. It would be implemented with the help of collaboration with the ministries and departments. As stated by Yousuf, “To ensure this citizen-centric approach to security, the NSP puts economic security at the core.” He also highlighted that Pakistan is shifting towards a comprehensive security framework. The purpose is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.

Talks about water security, and population growth

The policy was presented to the federal cabinet before it is adopted. The official document will be released soon. The policy has been devised through efforts of seven years, from consultation with federal government institutions, provinces, academia as well as the private sector. The policy draft talks about water security, population growth, terrorism, Kashmir, and Afgan issues. It also has emphasized Pakistan’s relations in the region and at the global level.

A historic moment

In his statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Pakistan is prepared to face all sorts of threats. The security of Pakistan rests in the security of citizens. The approval of the National Security Policy is a historic moment. Moeed Yousuf stated, “It is a truly historic achievement; a citizen-centric comprehensive [national security] policy with economic security at the core will now be pursued in earnest.” The policy is supposed to guide the government to align the efforts with NSP. It is not just facilitating military power but it welcomes inclusive growth. The implementation progress would be presented every month.

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