Mohammad Shahzad of Pakistan wins two gold medals in Portugal’s indoor rowing tournament

Mohammad Shahzad of Pakistan won two gold medals in the national indoor rowing competition in Portugal.

Mohammad Shahzad wins two gold medals

Mohammad Shahzad of Pakistan won two gold medals in the national indoor rowing competition in Portugal.

He won gold medals in the 500- and 2,000-meter events in the Master Category, which is open to athletes between the ages of 60 and 64.

Mohammad Shahzad finished the 500-meter race in one minute and 33 seconds, while the 2000-meter race took him seven minutes and 20 seconds to complete.

It should be mentioned that Mahoor Shahzad, a badminton player, and Rabia Shahzad, a weightlifter, are also Shahzad’s children.

Mahoor tweeted a video of her father competing in the 500- and 2000-meter races, writing: “My father, Muhammad Shahzad, has won 2 Gold medals in Portuguese National Open Indoor Rowing Championship held in Viana, Portugal on January 29, 2023.”

She also stated: “He participated in the Masters 60–64 age division. He ran the 500 metres in 1:33 and the 2000 metres in 7:20.”

The World Rowing organization’s official website states that from its inception, indoor rowing, often known as “erging” (so called due to the apparatus used for this sort of sport, the ergometer), has been extensively utilised as a training tool for rowers. Indoor rowing has developed into a competitive sport in and of itself nowadays.

Since the 1950s, ergometers have been utilised in numerous nations to train rowers. The oldest examples were massive metal machines with a flywheel made of solid iron.

Around the globe, indoor rowing contests are held. The C.R.A.S.H-Bs, which are held annually in February in Boston, USA, are the most prestigious and longest-running.

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The first World Rowing Indoor Championships took place in 2018 in Alexandria, USA, in partnership with Concept2.


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