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Our very own Jack Sparrow has made a shocking comeback. The actor didn’t even rest for a day and rushed back to his normal yet extravagantly happening life.

Johnny Depp

The climax of the blockbuster movie ‘the defamation trial between the exes’ played well in Johnny Depp’s favor. After winning the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been living his life like a party. Every day, Johnny Depp is making headlines.

Our very own Jack Sparrow has made a shocking comeback. The actor didn’t even rest for a day and rushed back to his normal yet extravagantly happening life. What do you think you would do after winning a trial with years of success at stake? Obviously, you will call all your friends and throw them a big fat party. But you can only throw a big extravagant party if your last name is Depp.

Johnny Depp taught us that you should party till you make it to the headlines of every social media platform and news channel. Nothing less would be enough. As per our source ‘the little birdie’ told us that Depp spent over $62,000 to treat his friend at a restaurant in the UK. The post-trial party left everybody stunned.

Johnny Depp party pictures

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor had to face a lot of backlash because of his personal life issues. Moreover, his career, which he built through years of hard work was gradually going down the drain. People started criticizing him and his upcoming projects were halted. Nevertheless, after winning the defamation case, Johnny Depp was able to restore his image. His followers rose from 19 million to 21.3 million. Along with this many of his projects are expected to release soon.

Johnny Depp is not only a famous actor but also a musician too. Next month, Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck (English guitarist) are going to release their album named ‘18’. The album will have 13 tracks. For those who don’t know, Depp has his own band Hollywood Vampires.

Besides, the release of a music album, Johnny Depp will also appear in the drug documentary Boston George which will release on July 22.  There are also reports that Jack Sparrow’s co-stars are demanding the franchise to take back the actor in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Honestly, Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp is like Biryani without Aloo (we mean no offense). Fans are desperately waiting for Jack Sparrow to return and once again entertain the viewers with his powerful, jam-packed, and diverse acting skills.

Just miss the way he used to say Parley in every difficult situation.

Johnny Depp Wins Case Against Amber Heard

Post-trial turn of events

Now if talk about the most highlighted defamation trial, in the recent turn of events, Johnny Depp’s lawyers have hinted that the actor might waive off the $10.4 million in damages that are to be paid by Amber Heard. Nevertheless, there is a BIG IF at the end of this offer. It’s a conditional offer, Depp might not take the damages if the Aquaman actress doesn’t file an appeal. Nothing is officially confirmed, but it would be out in no time.



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