India Kidnaps Ten Pakistani Fisherman By Force – Government Ab Kya Karay Gi?

The Indian boat Crossroad violated the Pakistani coastal territories, intercepted the fisherman boat. They forced 10 Pakistani fishermen to go aboard their ship and took them along.

The Indian coastal guards violated the Pakistani coastal territories, intercepted the fisherman boat. India kidnapped ten Pakistani Fisherman forcing them to get go with them. The Pakistani boat was ‘Al Yaseen’. They belonged to the Autharki, Daando, and Katiar villages of Keti Bandar and Shah Bandar coastal areas in the Thatta district.

Fishermen along the borders live a tough life. There are a lot of research and cases on how fisherman are trapped in the cells in both India and Pakistan. This is mainly because the LOC is usually not very prominent, and fishermen hoping for sources and good tend to cross the boundaries from time to time.

This is known among both the nations, but now with the Indian Coastal Guards coming into the Pakistan waters, and kidnapping Pakistani ten fisherman is not something to be taken lightly. The fisherman found on these sides is very poor and can barely meet. They have large families whose survival depends on the catching of fish.

The Indian Pakistani Coastal Borders

Ahmed Katiar, Ahsan, Ghulam Hussain Katiar, Abdul Sattar, Ghulam Hussain, Arib Patni, Masood Patni, Ghulam Qasim, Hussain Usman, and Ghulam Mustafa. Sources claim that these fishermen were busy fighting amongst themselves, when the India Coastal Guards came in and captured them.

Ten Pakistani Fishermen taken by the Indian Coastal Guards.

Dada Gandro and Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) leader Syed Gulab Shah condemned this action and has reported it to the federal government to further examine this situation and look into the Indian violation by entering the Pakistani soil.

Syed Gulab Shah has also said that this is not the first time happening. There are a lot of Pakistani men already in illegal custody in Indian Jails. He has asked Islamabad to take this issue to New Delhi and find a proper solution. The men in charge are poor and do not deserve this.

Fishermen are usually accused of violating the borders, but people do not understand that these borders are invisible. Some leverage should be provided to the people of both countries. The poor people suffer the most amongst the hostilities between the two neighbors.

Both governments should do something about this and take proper action to ensure that people are safe.

India Pakistan Diplomatic Relations – Kya barf pigal rahi hai?

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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