India Sends Another Guest Our Way

India Sends Another Guest Our Way

When it comes to becoming an absolute global joke with regards to reporting, India takes the cake. Their media industry that makes cheap soap operas look cool in comparison is also hell-bent on reporting flying UFOs in Islamabad. But that is not all. They keep on taking footage from the video games and foreign aircraft and keep reporting them to be Pakistani officials. And of course, they donā€™t stop even when they are mocked globally. Because thatā€™s Indian media for you!

But only recently, we have discovered a new laughing stock that is their military missile. Of course, when it comes to running in the face of actual threat, hailing a pilot like a hero who was beaten like crap in Pakistan (for the hint, just remember ā€˜the tea was fantasticā€™), or launching missiles that fail at the first try, Indian army does its best to qualify.Ā 

Only recently, the accursed area of Mian Chunnu received its second share of the disaster. A private aircraft had crashed here before, though the pilot remained unharmed. Now, the area had to greet another disaster in the form of a failed missile that gave up after its initial launch. The missileā€™s name was Agni-II and well, it ended up failing at the most basic task given to it. It is worthy of notice that once Agni-II was the cornerstone of Indiaā€™s strategic nuclear forces since the mid-2000s. Wonder what happened after Modi took over the governmentā€¦

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Despite Indiaā€™s anticipations, our ISPR Director did take notice and issued a statement that said that India will have to explain what happened here. He further explained the nature of it, saying that ā€œIt was a supersonic flying object and it was certainly unarmed.ā€

While the missile didnā€™t cause any casualties, it did cause a lot of property damage. Now, the missile is the property of the Pakistani ISPR department, and it has found a new home there. It makes us wonder if India thought that Pakistan would keep returning its astray objects and people back to it. Back when we had the pleasure of hosting a tea party for Abhinandan, we returned that pilot to them as a sign of good faith. But Agni-II is now going to taste Pakistani tea in a new way, and we arenā€™t returning that piece of junk anytime soon, or ever.Ā 

The mere incident reveals flawed aviation safety and technological prowess in Indian military technology. When the missile will be dissected in Pakistani labs, it is bound to reveal a lot more.Ā 

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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