How To Avoid The Next Pandemic

If there is one thing that made socialization suck a lot less, it was the pandemic. While we were snuggling into blankets and staying inside while fearing for our lives, we learned an appreciation for life. And of course, considering how things are going in China, we don’t even want to expect a new pandemic but who knows?

How To Avoid The Next Pandemic
Coronavirus Asian flu ncov over Earth background and its blurry hologram. Concept of cure search and global world. 3d rendering toned image. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Considering how humans have this tendency to screw around and find out, we might very well be on the verge of a new virus. This article will help you navigate your life through crisis or crises if anything happens. In fact, this article will also help you stay safe during a new disaster, which frankly we aren’t really that away from. Have you seen the skies lately?

 1. Get Kidnapped

One of the best ways to avoid an imminent disaster is to get kidnapped. Trust me, it is the only way. The kidnappers will take great care in ensuring that nobody finds your signs, ever. And that means you will get full free care, one times food per three days… maybe, and complete safety from disasters.

2. Lung Transplant Every Month

Here’s the twist. No virus can wreak havoc on your lungs if you get a new pair of lungs every month. Trust me, the lung transplant prices are really low and you can find its experts on nearly every corner of the street. It will also save you from catching infectious diseases.

3. Become Dead Quicker

Another masterful way you can ensure not dying because of the pandemic is to die earlier. Just consider how lucky were those people who died of AIDS and heart attack instead of Covid-19. You can also be one of those lucky ones, as there is an entire range of comfortable options available in everyday life.

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 4. Invest in LUNA

Do it mate! The first thing that will happen is that everything from love, and success will avoid you like crazy. And considering how the pandemic is known for choosing people who are successful, it will ignore you completely.

5. Fall Into A Greater Disaster

Do it! Get into a bigger disaster than a pandemic. You will soon see how quickly you will lose worrying about pandemics. Maybe try spam emailing Putin for a change.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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