Haya in ‘Tere Bin’ Gets Hate and Threats from Fans

Fans of Haya’s character in the drama serial Tere Bin criticise her for her negative acting performances.

Haya in ''Tere Bin'' gets hate mail from fans
Haya in ''Tere Bin'' gets hate mail from fans

When fans fail to remember that they dislike the character they are watching on television and not the actor portraying that character, the actors who play villainous characters on screen are frequently subjected to hatred. This is especially true when fans forget that they dislike the surface and not the actor’s face. Because of her role as Haya in ”Tere Bin”, the envious lover, in the critically acclaimed drama serial Tere Bin, Sabeena Farooq has been the most recent victim of such vitriol.

On Saturday, Sabeena Farooq wrote a statement on her Instagram Stories to address the hate she has received, including threats that have troubled not only her but also her family. The note was sent in response to the fact that the threats have bothered her as well as her family.

The thirty-year-old, Haya in ”Tere Bin” revealed that she would not have responded in this manner if the fans’ responses had only been made in a humorous spirit. “I’ve been all sweet and wonderful about my character in Tere Bin, joining you guys in roasting [one another] and memes, but everything is limited. Now that you are posting bogus videos with nonsensical material on YouTube and threatening me, it is incredibly upsetting for me and my family to deal with the situation. “It’s just a persona,” she insisted. “It’s not real.”

She threatened to publicly expose the “idiots” who upload fake videos to YouTube because they don’t know the difference between a character and an actor if they didn’t stop.

I beg you to quit taking it out on me, and I condemn those who make a living from creating phony videos on YouTube. Stop following me if I’m so horrible, and don’t bother watching Haya’s scenes, but threaten me again, and I’ll reveal your names and YouTube accounts in the process.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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