A Groom Forgot His own Wedding!

On the day of the wedding, the groom becomes so intoxicated that he doesn’t show up for the ceremony.

A groom forgets his own wedding
A groom forgets his own wedding

A groom in Bihar, India became so drunk before his wedding that he forgot to attend his own wedding. After the bride, her family, and other guests had spent the entire day looking for the groom, they decided to call off the ceremony altogether. A groom forgot his own wedding and indeed it was very confusing.

People in Bhagalpur, Bihar, are dumbfounded as a result of a fresh occurrence that occurred in Sultanganj village. This is adding to the chaos that has been going on. After getting intoxicated during the festivities the night before, the groom really forgot about his own wedding, which took place the following day, on Monday.

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The bride and her family were left hanging on the wedding day since the groom never showed up. The groom didn’t come to on Tuesday until after he had slept off his hangover from the night before. The bride and her family were so embarrassed, however, that she ultimately rejected his marriage proposal.

The prospective bride explained to her future in-laws that she could not marry a man or a groom who forgot his own wedding and who did not recognize or accept his obligations in a relationship. After going into debt to pay for their daughter’s wedding, the family of the bride asked that the groom and his family reimburse them for the money they had spent on the wedding rites.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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