Future Rains in Karachi Will Make it the New Maldives Island

Disclaimer: This article is a spoof and satire article. None of the information presented here is to be taken as substitute for actual information.

Karachi is one of the best places to dwell if you love mosquitos and love taking in the beautiful scent of uncontrolled rainwater that flows on the roads. And let’s face it! We also love the aspect of driving to work and instead, finding ourselves sliding on grey highways. It makes us save our fuel and whatnot!

Only recently, Karachi was named as the future Venice because of the way things are. According to experts, Karachi is the new Venice.

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“It is the same Venice that was back in the dark ages! It is such an achievement to give competition to the external tourist spots. In a 100 years or two, we will become the new Europe but without Europe!” an overly passionate expert explained.

However, the expert’s opinion has changed as the rains continue over the coming days. According to experts, first the amount of rains was just perfect to make Karachi the new Venice. It was amazing how nature worked to turn the natural city into a European location.

“It seems the nature is going to work in more mysterious ways! We were aiming for the Venice but now the future is of Maldives islands!” says the expert.

Many ministers have claimed that having a portion of Maldives will also help them strengthen the diplomatic relations. Some of the ministers have already applied for taxes and privileges from the Venetian government.

“How could they be so heartless? Karachi has become the new Venice now! But now I understand that the Karachi is now becoming Maldives Island, we will apply their officials for paying taxes and funding the operations here!” the ministers explain.

The ministers have also claimed that they will ask for multiple islands all around the world for funding and Karachi is crown jewel of this scheme.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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