Fifty Fifty Famed Pakistani Comedian Ismail Tara dies at 73

Pakistani actor and comedian Ismail Tara passed away at the age of 73 in Karachi on Thursday.

Fifty Fifty Famed Pakistani Comedian Ismail Tara dies at 73

The actor’s family confirmed that the legendary TV star, who gained notoriety for his outstanding performance in the Pakistani drama Fifty Fifty, was receiving treatment in a private hospital in Karachi.

He was put on a ventilator after his health rapidly deteriorated and he was admitted to the hospital due to several health issues. His death was reportedly caused by kidney failure. His widow, four kids, and one daughter are still alive.

Since 1963, Tara had been involved in the performing industry in a variety of ways on stage, in movies, and on television.

When the original playwright Anwar Maqsood broke out with the show’s director and actors in 1981, Ismail Tara and fellow TV comedian Majid Jehangir ended up writing some of the show’s scripts.

Tara has appeared in numerous theatre productions, television shows, and about 14 Lollywood movies. In the films Haathi Mere Saathi, Aakhri Mujra, Munda Bigra Jaye, Chief Sahib, and Deewarein, he won the Nigar Award five times for best comic.


Five times, in the films Haathi Mere Saathi (1993), Aakhri Mujra (1994), Munda Bigra Jaye (1995), Chief Sahib (1996), and Deewarein, Tara received the Nigar Award for best comic (1998).

According to Ahmed Shah, the president of the Pakistani Arts Council, he and Tara go back a very long time. He added that Tara was exceptional in the world and claimed that “he earned the hearts of the people of Pakistan with his performance.”

After Friday prayers, the actor’s funeral prayer will be recited at Memon Jamia Masjid Phari Wali, on Shaheed-e Millat Road.

Written by Istafa Ali


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