Barish, Pakoray Aur 1 Cup Chai!

Curled in a cozy blanket, with a cup of chai, listening to your favorite music seems out of the world.

Chai pakoras

‘Badloon se keh day kay baarish lay ao’ comes to mind whenever it rains. The Pakistani rains are incomplete without mouth-watering and yummy pakoras. Curled in a cozy blanket, with a cup of chai, listening to your favorite music seems out of the world.

As soon as the raindrops touch the ground, it smells heavenly. The chai pakoras have become a tradition and part of the culture. No snack can beat the garma garam pakoras.  It’s not only popular in homes, but also in universities and offices. You can get them from anywhere. You can find many vendors on a roadside who make amazing pakoras which you can have with a garam garam piyali of chai. Some people plan outdoor activities where they can have chai and pakoras. They are pocket-friendly as well.

History of Pakoras

Have you ever thought about how pakoras were made? Let’s have a look at history. The word Pakora comes from Sanskrit.  Sources tell that the chicken pakoras were first made by a person named Kundan Laal in Peshawar in the 1930s. This was a spring snack at that time. It’s eaten all over South Asia in different forms. Usually, it consists of onions and vegetables, etc, but you can add cheese, chicken, bread, etc according to your taste. Spices and Herbs are added for flavour. All this is coated in gram flour batter and then deep-fried. It can be eaten as a snack as well as an appetizer.

Recipe for Pakoras:


1 potato (peeled and sliced)

1 small onion (sliced)

Green chilies(as per taste)

Green Coriander (handful)

1 tsp crushed red chili

1/8 tsp baking soda

Salt (as per taste)

1 cup gram flour

¾ cup of water

Oi (for frying)

*(You can add more vegetables, cheese, chicken, etc as well to the batter)


Pour the oil into a deep pan, and heat it on medium flame.

In a bowl, add water slowly to the gram flour.

Chop onions, green chilies, potatoes, and coriander.  Add them to the batter. Mix well.

Now, add crushed chili, baking soda, salt to the mixture.

Fry them in the preheated oil.

Fry until golden brown and crispy.

Use a paper towel for removing excess oil.

Enjoy with a garama garam chai ki piyali and green chutney.

It does not matter how many times we have tea and pakoras in a day. It’s a delicacy that everyone relishes. Usually, in winters, chai is made throughout the day to stay warm. Other than pakoras, samosas and namak paras may also be taken as snacks, but pakoras are love.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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