Australian Vlogger Meets The Kindest Man Of Pakistan

Amar happens to be the ‘kindest man of Pakistan.’ His kindness has been known to other vloggers from visit Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country full of culture, and traditions. What makes Pakistan stand out amongst the rest is the fact that it is a country of beautiful people who know how to treat their guests. The people of Pakistan are known for their hospitality. Vloggers from all over the world come to Pakistan and see the kindness of the people for themselves. Recently, Luke Damant, an Australian vlogger came to Pakistan and firsthand saw the kindness of the people.

What happened was that Luke Damant came to Pakistan, and in Islamabad, he made a friend, Amar, who has a shop in Jinnah Super Market. Amar, however, has not been able to attain a CNIC, and Luke did not like this. Amar happens to be the ‘kindest man of Pakistan.’ His kindness has been known to other vloggers from visit Pakistan.

In the spirit of this friendship, Luke wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, asking him to grant a CNIC card to Amar so that he may be able to get a bike and do all the other things that he cannot do without the proper identification.

Luke wrote this on his page and said, “This is my friend Amar, he’s also known as “Pakistan’s Kindest Man” after his hospitality was shown to millions around the world, highlighting the truth about Pakistan and the friendly people here.”

Luke revealed how he first met Amar, “I first met Amar whilst walking down the street in F-7 Jinnah Super Market where he asked if I wanted a new nose ring. After pondering on the idea, I decided to pick one out, and when I asked for the price, he refused payment. Amar then went on to take me to a local shop where he paid for what is now my favorite food in the world… cheese paratha.”

He said he’s kind-hearted, and he may run out of characters if he starts to write about how genuine Amar is. He said, “I have countless stories of Amar that display his kind-hearted nature, but I genuinely will run out of characters on this post if I begin writing them all down. The western media has lied for years about Pakistan, thus tarnishing the country’s reputation. But Amar has proven all these lies wrong with his kindness being broadcasted to over ten million people online, showcasing the truth about Pakistan and the real hospitality this amazing country offers.”

This news is certainly very sad, but we are very happy with the fact that Amar’s kindness has taken over the hearts of everyone. We hope that whatever complications arise, in this case, gets resolved as soon as possible and that Amar can get a CNIC. So that he may continue to win over the hearts of everyone.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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