Amna Aapi nominated for the international women of courage award

The international women of courage award were announced in 2007.

The international women of courage award were announced in 2007. The award is for women from all around the world who have shown courage in the face of various adversities, challenges, and hurdles. To this date, over 155 women have been recognized and appreciated by the program from over 75 different countries. This year, Amna Baig has been nominated by the U.S Embassy for the award, and we are all delighted!

Amna Baig, better yet known on Twitter as Amna Aapi, is the Assistant Superintendent of Police ASP and the Law Enforcement Gender Protection Unit. This was the government’s initiative to better facilitate the protection of women and transgender in their fight against violence and injustice.

Assistant Superintendent of Police

On the 20th anniversary of the ‘16th day of activism against gender-based violence, the U.S Embassy announced Amna Baig, the ASP of Islamabad police, was nominated for the international women of courage award.

We want to congratulate Amna Aapi and tell her that this was expected. The effort that she puts into her work can be seen by all. She is dedicated to protecting women all around Pakistan, especially Islamabad. She is also very active on Twitter and never fails to converse with people. The conversations are usually about different questions that people want to ask her.

We here at Neemopani believe in highlighting the excellent work that people do. And so, we want to tell the world that Amna Aapi is amazing! She is usually always the first responder to violence, harassment, and injustice. What is even great is that if she can’t be of any help to the people, she will find a way to connect the people in need of help to the right person in charge.

It is for all of these reasons that she deserves this award and many more to come. We thank her for being so diligent in protecting and preserving the rights of women and transgender. We wish her all the best for her future! Amna aaapi, aap hum sab ki aapi hain!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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