Ali Tariq: Let’s Recreate Karachi’s Eat Fest’23!

Following the wild chaos that occurred on the final day of the Karachi Eat festival, musician Ali Tariq has offered to hold a public, all-women concert.

Ali Tariq made an announcement by saying he’ll be having another concert only for girls after the devastating and harrowing Eat fest’23 happened in KHI.

Ali Tariq made this announcement for the girls and women who couldn’t properly enjoy their food and music at that night. That day went on to be too extreme for the families. The Raabte singer rushed to Instagram on Friday to share the idea with his followers who were disappointed about missing his show.

He wrote that After reading all of your notes, he would like to announce a public gig for all girls alone! Also, this is to cater to all the girls who came out on Sunday but weren’t able to fully enjoy their day. He said on saying that sponsors could reach out to him and they can perform once again by giving out a better Eat fest.

Karachi Eat fest’23 was indeed a very horrible event. Tariq also “pledged” his participation and issued a public request for sponsors and contributors to fund the band’s venue and production costs, as well as contact information for anybody interested in contacting him for the public gig.

The singer received a lot of love in the comments area. RJ Dino Ali wished Tariq luck with his endeavour, while Eat Ahmed Godil, a host from Karachi, volunteered his hosting abilities for the all-women gig. Rafay Israr, a vocalist, expressed gratitude to the singer for his gesture.

He further says that it really it hurts him to see that women and families in our society can’t even appreciate such simple things in life. He’s really ashamed of it. He went on to say that the videos of the event that were circulating on the internet were disturbing to see, and he hoped for everyone’s safety.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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