Neemopani team at Paniq Room: Escape rooms

Escape rooms provides fun and exciting activity for friends, family, or coworkers as it often requires teamwork and communication to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

paniq room: escape room

Escape rooms are interactive, physical adventure games in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The puzzles and clues are themed and often vary based on the room you are participating in. They provide fun and exciting activity for friends, family, or coworkers as it often requires teamwork and communication to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

Neemopani decided to have first-hand experience as well so we embarked on the adventurous trip. Our colleagues from different departments participated in it. We chose the advanced level of the escape room at PanIQ room which was Insane asylum. Insane Asylum’s theme is loosely based on the Hollywood movie ‘Saw’.  You are a team of patients with whom the doctors have done some mind control experiments. The place promised for care and peace for the mentally ill, but all you’ve received is manipulation, experimentation, and a heavy supply of drugs. Besides that, you’re not insane and never have been.

The whole place is a ruse, devised to cover the mind-control experiments of a group of twisted scientists. Now the patients have had enough and have made up their minds to break out of this insane asylum.

Once inside the room, your gameplay has nearly nothing to do with the story, and at no point do you encounter or attempt to solve that mystery – but rather simply find the key to exit the room. The time frame is 1 hour

One thing you can typically come to expect from any PanIQ Room is a decent level of scenic quality. Their attention to detail is excellent, and you can feel like you are in an insane asylum.

Insane Asylum is appropriately dressed in a dark, dingy color palette accentuated with dim lighting. The decor is somewhat minimal, but on point with items you’d expect to find in an abandoned asylum. It proves the theatrical theory of “light it with darkness” really does work, as this space – in show condition – feels a whole lot cooler than it might if the work lights were turned on. A number of different props regarding an insane asylum can be found there which makes the whole experience a bit eerie.

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Puzzles continue to be the most significant point of contention with PanIQ Room as a brand. While the atmosphere is nice, and the gameplay is typically always intuitive (which is extremely important in its own right) – the puzzles themselves are just that; puzzles. Expect generic number codes, some keys and seemingly PanIQ-standard mazes– which, while being very fun to solve and with the time running against you it becomes very challenging.

If you and your group of friends are looking around for fun then we recommend you go to panIQ room in Bahria Town phase 7 it is going to be an amazing experience especially as you are going to have to work in team with your friends to escape.


Written by Istafa Ali


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