Adidas And Ravi Collaboration

Adidas surely has a way of swaying its customers into buying its products. The new campaigns and partnerships keep the customers engaged.

Adidas and Ravi

Adidas is the second-largest shoe manufacturer in the world. It is known for manufacturing sporting goods, apparel, and athletic shoes. The company’s products have a three-stripe trademark. Adidas is not just limited to its own styled products but also partners up with other brands and companies to present the customers with diverse and new styled products. Adidas surely has a way of swaying its customers into buying its products. The new campaigns and partnerships keep the customers engaged. Undoubtedly, a brand can’t stand for long with loyal clientele if it doesn’t incorporate diversity and uniqueness. Adidas and Ravi collaboration is an example of how a shoe manufacturing company can blend with a food restaurant.

Adidas and Ravi

Ravi is a famous Dubai-based Pakistani restaurant that is known for its cultural and desi food. It offers customers with rich Pakistani cuisine at reasonable prices. Many celebrities like Snoop Dog and others from Hollywood, Lollywood, and Bollywood were spotted here. A go-to restaurant for the tourists.

The collaboration between Adidas and Ravi promotes multiculturalism. You’ll be amazed to know that the new shoes that are designed to reflect this partnership are green and white in color, the main colors in Pakistan’s flag. Each pair is said to be sold with special takeaway boxes along with the Ravi logo tag. The new limited-edition sneakers will have six famous Ravi dishes on the tongue of the sneakers. According to the statement by Adidas “This unique collaboration represents the ability of food to be able to transcend physical borders and create cultural bonds, metaphorically transporting us to somewhere new or a taste of home for many of the diasporic communities found in adidas key cities. Through the ‘adilicious’ series, every restaurant brings their own unique culinary perspective and story to the table.”

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Thus, the collaboration between Ravi and Adidas is part of Adidas larger campaign adilicious, to promote restaurants and eateries that are contributing to the society.

Chaudary Abdul Hameed, founder of Ravi said “My family has worked so hard to bring Ravi to where it is now, it has become more than just a restaurant with staff and customers, it has become a home that many grew up with.” He further said, “To say that Ravi had a humble beginning and is now representing Dubai as a key city with adidas is a milestone to celebrate”.

Ravi has been serving cheap Pakistani food in Dubai since 1978. Many memories and cultural affiliations are attached to this restaurant. The very reason why it is famous among locals, expiates, and tourists.

The SUPERSTAR RAVI sneakers will be available across Dubai on June 23. As they are going to be limited edition, better get your hands on this one of its kind multicultural sneakers.

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