9 Things To Do In Islamabad In 2022

Islamabad is a city full of beauty. We mean that quite literally, and no, we are not biased because we live in Islamabad but because we believe it. All cities indeed have things that distinguish them from the others.

The Ariel View of Monument in Islamabad.

Islamabad is a city full of beauty. We mean that quite literally, and no, we are not biased because we live in Islamabad but because we believe it. All cities indeed have things that distinguish them from the others. For instance, to sit at Boat Basin in Karachi, and eat the food there or go to Readings in Gulberg in Lahore, and spend a few hours there amidst books is something that you simply cannot do in another city.

Today, we talk about Islamabad because people claim that one cannot do much in Islamabad. It is so wrong! Logon ney apney say hi misconceptions banaye hoye hain kay Islamabad walay jaldi so jatay hain ya Islamabad mein kuch karnay ko nahien hota. Aisa bilkul nahien hai bhai! Yeh sirf aik sazish hai aur is hi liye hum apkay liye laye hain 9 things to do in Islamabad in 2022.

Ab jayien aur karain aur logon ko galat sabit karain.

  1. Trail’s Hike:

Now, this is something that you cannot do anywhere else in the country because well, there are no other Margalla Trails anywhere else. Something is calming to be able to go with your friends on a Hike every other Sunday. It isn’t a very difficult hike or very long for that matter and the result is certainly worth all the Saans ka phoolna. In the end, once you have conquered the mountain, you get to half breakfast at La Montana Restaurant – and then you can burn all those calories as you hike downwards. There are also six different trails you can go to.

  1. Sunrise at Pir Sohawa:

A lot of people say that you can watch the sunrise while Hiking but we here at Neemopani disagree with that because there is a different place altogether to watch the sunrise. There is a spot near Pir Sohawa where you can just stop your car and watch the sunrise. Jab dimag band ho jata hai aur zindagi mein kuch samaj nahien araha hota tou ap bhi gari nikalain aur jayien Pir Sohawa and sort things out.

  1. F-9 MegaZone:

Gaming has no age, especially when you have a young soul. It is for all those people who can go to the Mega Zona in F-9 and have fun. There is a wide range of activities that you can do – bowling, ice skating, VR games and so many more. There is also a Quetta Tea n Tea where you can have chai afterward. Hum tou jaa hi rahay hain aglay haftay kyun kay humaray office kay do logon nay bet laga li hai. Aap bhi ajayien tou miltay hain aglay haftay?

  1. Drum Circle:

This is something that at times happens in Lahore and Karachi as well but is constant in Islamabad. The organizers are super cool and sitting with your friends or family in a circle surrounded by strangers, and just jamming to the beat of drums is just UFFF! You can take the frustration out on the drums, and the best part is that no one will notice because sab yehi kar rahay hotay hain!

  1. Secret Sky:

Since it is the winter season, and sab ko chahiye aik bonfire and aik aisi jagah jahan ap beth kar apnay dil ki baat kar sakain. Tou agar aap bhi yehi karna chahtey hain tou jayien Secret Sky. It is in F-10, F-6, and I-8. And we are sure it will be super fun because the vibe is unmatched. Agar yeh bhi pasand na ae tou phir chalay jayien HotSpot in f-7.

  1. Lake View:

Ab attey hain un jaghoon per jahan ap ja saktay hain apni family kay sath. Want to sit by the lake and have a BBQ and just spend some quality time with your family? Go to Lake View Park. There are also a few fun activities there as well like Rock Climbing, Boating, and Paint Ball.

  1. Shah Allah Ditta Caves:

If you live in Islamabad tou yeh tou zaroor hota hoga kay mehman atay hoon gay dosray shehron say aur kehtay hoon gay kay aab humain Islamabad ghumayien. We have a solution for you because you can take all those guests to the mesmerizing Shah Allah Ditta Caves, or Faisal Masjid, or Monument. Sab say acha tareeqa hai aisay guests say jaan churanay ka. Aur agar is say bhi na manien tou phir unko murree bhej dein.

  1. Saidpur Village:

Hum jo shehron mein rehtay hain – unki aik hi khawish hoti hai; bus kabhi koi gaon dekhna hai. For all such people in Islamabad, you can now go to Saidpur Village. It is not exactly like a village but has more or less the same vibe (Humaray alfaz maaf karye ga hum Islamabad mein rehta hain). No seriously, Saidpur Village is a must-go if you want to think and reflect.

  1. Book Clubs:

One of our Neemos ko bohat shikayat hai kay Isalamabad mein achay Book stores nahien hain. Tou unki baat sun kar humnay research ki Book Clubs in Islamabad. Now, for all the book nerds out there – there is a book club happening in Islamabad every two weeks. You can simply go to DesiWritersLounge and subscribe. You will then get emails every time they have a book club. Sounds fun, no? It is!

With this, we conclude our list for things to do in Islamabad. Ab umeed hai kay logon nay maan liya hoga kay jo woh Islamabad kay baray mein sochtay hain aisa kuch nahien hai aur Islamabad bhi Lahore aur Karachi ki taran aik bohat jeedaar shehar hai.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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