71-Year-Old Murder Mystery Novelist Actually Committed a Murder

A 71-year-old novelist named, “Nancy Brophy” killed her husband in cold blood. Originally hailing from Oregon, Nancy had always a knack for writing about spouse murder novels and articles.

Novelists are surely the most interesting people all around the globe. They plan, plot, and flesh out some of the most vivid and notorious details on pages especially if they are writing a crime thriller. However, most of the time, the imagination is thought to be just the vivid pictures residing in one’s head. In rare cases, sometimes the grim plot of a crime novel can turn out to be true. Either the author is convicted of the crime himself/herself, or certain true details might have inspired the novel.

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The former turned out to be true in the case of a 71-year-old novelist named, “Nancy Brophy” who killed her husband in cold blood. Originally hailing from Oregon, Nancy had always a knack for writing about spouse murder novels and articles. She often wrote novels on wrong relationships that never felt right, featuring bare-chested men on covers. In, “The Wrong Cop,” she mentioned a woman in her story who spends every day of her marriage, fantasizing about the murder of her husband. Following her work, “The Wrong Husband,” she included a woman who tries to escape her abusive husband. The woman does so by faking her own death and trying to disappear from her husband’s radar. The suspicions were roused when in an essay, “How To Murder Your Husband,” Brophy wrote about getting away with the actual murder of a husband.

The post was followed on the blog named, “See Jane Publish,” in November 2011. In that blog post, Brophy described five core motives that can become the convincing reason to murder someone’s husband. She also gave a number of murder weapons that her character from her romance novel can use to kill her husband, and then get away with it.

The post followed some disturbing details. She spoke against hiring hitmen as most of them can easily rat you out to the police. Hiring a lover was never a good idea in her opinion. Brophy further went as far as advising against the usage of poison, since it is traceable and who would want to stick around with a sick husband.

The post was made private by her. However, later Brophy ended up following her own advice. She was arrested on 5th September after she was pressed with charges of murdering her own husband. Instead of poisoning him, or trying to hire a hitman, she pulled the trigger of a gun herself, murdering her husband in his workplace. There were no cameras there and no witnesses. She then went on to collect the life insurance policies.

Until now, no motive has been made public. The mother of her husband has further said that it was a big shock. Apart from that, no other statement has been made. Even Brophy’s lawyer has not passed any statement.

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