Why Karachi is the Best Place to Die!

Karachi has just been ranked as one of the worst cities to live in by the economists. However, that is so not true! Just because those nerds in lab coats can rule anything as inappropriate, doesn’t mean that Karachi should take the brunt.

This goes double if you are a decent citizen looking to have some easy earning. However, now it is not the case.

There are plenty of good things about the city of mud and broken streets. In fact, if you just take a different perspective (and go blind while doing so), Karachi will be an amazing place. Given below are the reasons why.



  1. Plenty of Drugs

Karachi is a paradise if you want to get hooked on cheap drugs, acid or cannabis. You will find drugs everywhere, even in the chai that you are now getting. And there you thought that the pappu chaiwala was offering you a cheap tea just because of goodness of his heart? Lol!


  1. 100 % Employment in the Depart of Mobile Snatching

The crime has become so amazingly developed that you as a mobile snatcher can get a job pretty much anywhere. Some thugs and goons have become so succesful that they have opened their own agencies.


  1. Free Slides on Road

Are you feeling like a child again? Take your bike and then head for a free slide on the Karachi roads. Due to amazing parties ruling over the management, you will see that the roads have become akin to a sliding park, and you will see yourself hitting the next truck and a scene of Final Destination playing right before your eyes.


  1. Forced Minimalism

Do you own too much material posessions and you find yourself often at war with yourself? Time for the life changing experience! Visit karachi and you will find yourself stripped of all your precious possesions, even the clothes.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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