We Need to know why Shehzad Roy is not Aging

In a recent social post he has said he is not a vampire.

Shehzad Roy is frequently praised for his youthful appearance by fans and colleagues alike, and after his recent Twitter profile photo caused a stir, followers were still anxious to learn how Roy appears younger every year. The ‘Tere Bin’ singer has finally spoken out on the topic.

Shehzad Roy took to Twitter to inform his fans that he is 44 years old and looks like it as well. He wrote, “My age is 44 years. Most 44-year-olds look like this, and I am not a vampire because they are a pain in the neck.”

His response came after a user posted a picture of him with Shehzad Roy. He shared an old photo of Roy with the ‘Bhool Ja’ singer, pointing out how they’ve both gotten old and bald, yet Roy still looks the same. They stated, “Between this and now, I have gotten bald, grown old and have now a recurring backache. And you haven’t changed sir. What is this sorcery!”

Shehzad Roy is often in the headlines, and with good reason. People can’t get enough of his young appearance. Along with him, another gorgeous Pakistani actress, Mahnoor Balouch, has been accused of being a vampire since she appears to have stopped ageing. Whatever the reason, we adore both of them and can’t get enough of them.


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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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