Rewind 2021 – 21 Handsome Men of the Year

It is that time of the year when people from all over the world compile the lists of the best out there from different industries.

It is that time of the year when people from all over the world compile the lists of the best out there from different industries. Usually, these lists are being organized by notable people from Hollywood. However, we decided to change things a little this year and make our own list. Thus, presenting to you the 21 handsome men of the year 2021!

Do you get why we chose 21? Well, because we asked everyone in the office who should be on this list and obviously everyone pitched in with their pick of the Neemos and also because the year 2021 is coming to an end. Hence presenting to you our picks of the most handsome Pakistani men! Prepare to feast:

Ahmed Ali Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar, who doesn’t know about this talented actor of our Pakistani entertainment industry. Everyone knows about him, right? He’s not only a good-looking actor but more like one of the most brilliant yet inspiring personalities of 2021. Well, we all know how outstanding he is, in his latest drama Parizaad. This year Ahmed Ali Akbar stole our hearts with definitely one of his best performances in Parizaad. He is the man who proved himself to be one of the most prominent actors in the drama industry. Hooting for you, one of our favorite actors.

Feroze khan

Feroze khan is a dashing and handsome Pakistani drama actor. He is famous because of his attractive personality, acting, and being a good orator. He is 30 years old and was best known for his renowned drama series Khaani. His first film, Zindagi Kitni Haseeen Hai. But this year he surprised us with his drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat! What a brilliant performance that was!

Fawad Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan is a Pakistani actor, producer, model, judge, and singer. Having received several awards, including a Filmfare Award, three Lux Style Awards, and six Hum Awards, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest contemporary actors hailing from Pakistan. His first drama was Dastaan, and he also played a lead role in the Bollywood movie “Khoobsurat” and received an award for the best male debut. This year we got to learn that he will also be starting his Marvel Journey! We are proud of you, Fawad!

Shehzad Roy

Tera Mukhra Haseen jado kar gia aur ab tak kar hi raha hai. Shehzad Roy wrote this lines for his very-own-gorgeous self.

Literally, jab hum chotay bachay thay, we used to love Shehzad Roy. Then hum baray hogaye. Lekin he still looks the same. I guess his inspiration in life is to become the next Mahnoor Baloch!

A philanthropist and a heartthrob to many, Shehzad still rules our hearts. He hasn’t aged at all. He continues to win our hearts with his melodramatic videos. His work for the education system and health sector has earned him respect. We want to know his secret for not aging.

Azaan Sami Khan

Azaan Sami Khan is a celebrated Artist of Pakistan who has worked as a Producer, Music Composer, Assistant Director, and now as an actor. It’s no doubt he has a face to die for. He has finally set his place in this industry with his new drama Ishq-e-Laal making millions fall for him. With his new video with Maya Ali, he has set a new level for content creation in Pakistan!

Hasnain Lehri

Hasnain Lehri is the face of Pakistan. He is the only supermodel who has won five LUX Style Awards in the History of the Pakistani fashion industry. Hasnain Lehri was also chosen as one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men in 2017, surely making him one of the most handsome men in Pakistan!

Sheheryar Munawar

Sheheryar Munawar is a beautiful actor and film producer. He started his acting journey from the famous drama ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. And has since done enormous roles and is especially noted for his role in ‘Parey Hut Love’ Pakistan’s highest-grossing film of 2019. Way to go sir!

Danish Taimoor

He is notable for his role in Pakistan’s Urdu drama series’ and telefilms. Memorable dramas include Haseena Moin’s Meri Behen Maya, Mannchalay, Jab We Wed, Short, Sari Bhool Humari Thi, Deewangi, Ishq Hai, and Mehreen Jabbar’s Rehai. Nowadays, he can be seen hosting a show on Bol News.

He’s not only one of the best actors in the showbiz industry, but he is also one of the most handsome Pakistani males.

Omer Shahzad

Omer Shahzad is a Pakistani model, actor, and singer who started in 2011. He has since established himself as one of the country’s top models and actors. He has been nominated for several awards with three consecutive Best Model Male nominations at Hum Awards and four consecutive nominations in Lux Style Awards. With his typical Asian male looks, he has won the hearts of many females. He has a lot of fan following, particularly among the women.

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is a heartthrob across all generations. He is the kind of star that my grandmother liked, then my mother too fell in love with her music, and now I jam to him. He is versatile and has a melodious voice that heals a breaking heart. Atif has surprised us this year with his fantastic music, as he always does, and we could not add him to our list.

Faris Shafi

Faris Shafi is one of the best rap artists of Pakistan right now, and his fans wait impatiently for his new songs. This year he has blessed us with fantastic music. His lyrics and the way he sings pull you into a state of dawn-Kaleidoscope that you don’t ever want to leave. Besides being an excellent performer, he has many skills – have you seen how fast he raps? WOW!

Prime Minister Imran Khan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is definitely in the list of 21 handsome men. Imran Khan sahib is not just a face for Pakistan, but also a beacon of hope. His passion, and dedication to do what is best for Pakistan is why we chose him as our Prime Minister. He is constantly regarded as one of the most handsome politicians in the world.

Mikaal Zulfiqar

This baby of the industry is just fabulous. And we call him Baby because – do you not remember his acting in the movie? Wow! Mikaal is glamourous and just plain handsome. He knows how to woe the audience with his dialogue delivery and expressions. If there is one thing I know for a fact, whenever he is sad on screen, we all get low – and when he is happy, we all get so glad. This is the kind of actor he is, and we are so delighted that he is Pakistani!

Babar Azam

Babar Azam – our Captain, the man who managed to bring the entire country to its knees, begging for a glimpse of him. He has surprised us this year with his outstanding captaincy skills. Babar has a class and that roar, which makes all the girls want him, especially when he walks on the pitch, wearing that Green jersey with the 56 number. We love you, Babar!

Momin Saqib

Momin Saqib, the cutie who got fame for his viral video when Pakistan lost a cricket match, has been winning our hearts on several occasions. He gave a phenomenal performance in a drama serial – Raqs-e-Bismil. His is currently regarded as one of the most fluent personalities in the industry currently due to his wit and humor. He is multitalented, and just extremely handsome.

Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan, the 23-year-old cricketer, has won our hearts with his talent, and just the way he is. This guy is definitely very talented, but there are times when you just see someone and know deep down that they are just it. Shadab is like that. It is just the way he is – his aura and the vibe he gives out.

Fahad Mustafa

Son of the famous veteran actor Salahuddin Tunio, known for his quick and quirky responses can be mostly seen hosting the most popular game show, Jeeto Pakistan, he is an actor and producer. Known for acting in Na Maloom Afraad, Actor in law and Load Wedding, he has worked in a dozen tv serials. He is one to drool over. All we have to say is, larkiyan chahiyen!

Khushhal khan

OH MY GOD, his looks are to die for. This bright young man has won the hearts of all the teenagers out there. He starred in Mid-Summer Chaos – a mini-independent web series, Qissa Meher Bano ka, and Aik Hai Nigar. Wow’ing everyone with his looks and talent – he takes the cake for a supremely handsome young talent.

Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir is a Pakistani actor, singer, and producer who has set a mark in the industry concisely with his distinctive looks and acting in dramas like Yaqeen Ka Safar and Yeh Dil Mera. This handsome guy was the reason for many heartbreaks when he tied the knot with Sajal Aly last year.

Bilal Abbas Khan

This name is not to be missed while talking about handsome faces in Pakistan. Bilal Abbas Khan has set his place in this industry with his talent, unique looks and features. The nice-looking gentleman never fails to melt our hearts. He has given us some amazing dramas this year. He knows how to deliver his characters. He was a definite choice for this list!

Zaviyar Noman Ijaz

The new rising star, Zaviyar Noman Ijaz, indeed got the beauty in the genes. Like his father, Zaviyar Noman is capturing hearts with his charming personality. He is currently on air in the drama-serial Qissa Meharbano Ka, furthermore he will be seen in the upcoming drama Sang-e-Mah.

Did your favorite make the cut? If we’ve missed it do let us know!

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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