Heeramandi Star Taha Shah compares himself to likes of Fawad Khan and SRK

Heeramandi Star Taha Shah compares himself to likes of Fawad Khan and SRK

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Taha Shah Badussha, who portrays the magnetic Tajdar Baloch in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar,” shared his thoughts on being compared to well-established actors. Taha, recognizing the talent of stars like Vicky Kaushal and Fawad Khan, emphasized that for him, performance holds more weight than looks.

“I don’t know about the looks, but performance-wise, they’re both great actors,” Taha remarked. “For me, looks don’t matter. For me, the performance matters. So if they’re comparing me to Fawad or Vicky – and girls are comparing me [in terms of romance] to Shah Rukh – what else do you want, man?”

Taha acknowledged that such comparisons are high praise, adding, “They’re comparing me to elite actors. These are elite actors. And Vicky is my brother. He was my senior at the Kishore Namit Kapoor acting institute.” He elaborated on his friendship with Vicky, stating, “We’re good friends. He’s seen me grow, and I’ve seen him grow. Even at Kishore Namit Kapoor, Vicky was a great actor. In my class, I was the top actor.”

Reflecting on the acclaim for his role in “Heeramandi,” Taha shared, “It’s majorly been from fans. A lot of people from around the globe have said that the romance in your eyes reminds us of Shah Rukh Khan.” These comparisons to Shah Rukh, known for his emotive prowess, resonate deeply with Taha, reaffirming his dedication to his craft.

When asked about his character Tajdar’s resemblance to Salman Khan’s iconic Prem, Taha revealed, “I think sir (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) wrote my character with a mix of both his characters from ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and ‘Devdas.’ And a little bit of his self as well because many times he’s like, ‘this is what I would do if I was there.’ So I think it’s a mix. And who doesn’t want to be compared to Salman and Shah Rukh? But I think my character Tajdar is like Prem. And Shah Rukh sir is my idol. Nobody can emote like he does.”

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Taha’s portrayal of Tajdar, a character layered with complexities stemming from love and the struggle for freedom, has won over many hearts. His dynamic portrayal as the love interest of Sharmin Segal’s Alamzeb, a courtesan-in-training from Heeramandi’s Shahi Mahal, captivates audiences as he navigates the delicate balance between personal desires and nationalistic fervor.

The poignant depiction of sacrifice and devotion in the face of adversity has endeared Taha’s character to audiences worldwide. With his ability to evoke raw emotions and his humility in acknowledging the influence of Indian and Pakistani icons, Taha continues to carve his niche in the industry, captivating hearts with each performance.

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