Watch Mahira Khan’s Musical Mehndi Night

Today, the newlywed shared some pictures and a video from the musical Mehndi night which took place at the same venue as her wedding ceremony.

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The Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan has been providing her followers with stunning glimpses of her fairytale wedding, which took place in a hill resort in the far north of Pakistan. The most recent of these to appear on her Instagram account is a video from the Mehndi ceremony.

The renowned actor wed her best friend Salim Karim in a private ceremony just the week before, and her stunning look as a bride left online commenters in amazement.

Since then, Mahira has been giving people glimpses into some of the most memorable parts of her wedding celebrations.

Today, the newlywed woman posted some photos as well as a video from the musical Mehndi night that was held at the same location as her wedding ceremony.

Mahira looked as breathtaking as ever in her traditional attire as a mehndi bride when she was surrounded by her closest friends and family.

The actor from Maula Jatt, who is traditional and being refined, kept this appearance as simple as she does for her other events. She wore an orange dupatta that was also embroidered and decorated with zari and laces on the borders. The gown she wore was in the form of an Indian dress and was purple. It was embellished with some elaborate but light embroidery. She teamed it with an orange dupatta that was also embroidered.




Her jewellery and the strings of motia blossoms that were hanging from her hand were the only things that made her look beautiful; she wore hardly no makeup.

“Right before we were heading down.. Asim put a whole string of motias on my arm.. just because.. he is Asim and I’m his mahiru.. forever inshAllah,” Mahira noted her close friend and movie director Asim Raza in the caption of the photo.

During this time, Salim was seen dressed in a white kurta and a shawl of the same colour.

Regarding the video, it featured a number of excerpts from the dazzling musical event, such as the dancing performances given by the bride and groom, in addition to their friends and family members.



She captioned the joyous video, “Pyar aur dosti ka Jashan [celebration of love and friendship],” which translates to “celebration of love and friendship.”

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Asim Raza, Moomal Sheikh, and Shehryar Munawar were among the well-known individuals who were recognisable in both the video and the photographs.

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