Zainab Abbas Deported or Left India For Personal Reasons?


Pakistani Sports presenter Zainab Abbas came back to Pakistan from India. She went to India as a member of broadcasting team to cover the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

According to ICC Zainab returned to Pakistan because her personal reasons. This respond came from ICC as a reply to a controversy in which it was stated that Zainab Abbas got threats in India.

A local lawyer in Delhi on October 4th filed a FIR against the sports presenter in a police station in Delhi. She was alleged of posting anti-India and anti-Hinduism posts on social media years back. According to the FIR Zainab posted a post against Hindu sentiments on her twitter account in 2014, but there were no such posts found on her Twitter account though, she posted pro Kashmiri posts from her official twitter account.

Zainab Abbas is one of the famous and known Sports presenters from Pakistan. When Zainab was approached to be a part of ICC official broadcasting team, she was so excited for this opportunity as she was the only Pakistani presenter in official broadcasting team.

Fans are trolling and criticising Indian management for the World Cup for the fact that one of the official presenters has to fly back to her country because of security threats.

Not only threats to Zainab has raised question marks on Indian security and management for World Cup, the extremists in India had already threaten that they’ll attack Narinder Modi stadium in Ahmed on 14th October during Pakistan vs India match.


Written by Istafa Ali


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