Viral memes of 2022

Social media went crazy over the “Dil ye pukare” and Bhanu Pratap Singh crossover. Many Indian celebs recreated the dance too.

Numerous political, economic, and cultural occurrences in 2022 had a big impact on Pakistanis.
A vote of no confidence was used to overthrow a government, the Punjab chief minister election was contested, and the political climate was extremely polarised.

Despite these difficulties, social media users in Pakistan managed to make light of the situation by coming up with a number of popular memes and situations that brought some humour to otherwise tense circumstances.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable social media, sports, and political memes from 2022.

Bilawal Bhutto’s slip of tongue:

Bilawal Bhutto’s slip of the tongue during the Pakistan Peoples Party’s long march in February-March has got to be the most talked about and well-liked political meme of 2022. Hence began the biggest meme trend “Kaanpein tang rhi hain.”

This expression has been used at least once by everyone in the country, including politicians and students.

Adnan Siddique’s viral selfie:

In 2022, the entertainment sector also contributed a few well-known memes. The first was Adnan Siddiqui’s viral picture taken in front of a fire.

Even now, memes still often use the viral fire template.

Angry Messi:

Messi lost his composure after Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and gestured in an Argentinean fashion at one of the Dutch players. However, that began to be used as a meme template in Pakistan.

Qudrat ka nizam:

Pakistan participated in important sporting events like the Asia Cup and the T20 World Cup in 2022.

One of the most well-known sports memes was the contentious “Qudrat ka nizam.”

This term was used by Pakistani coach Saqlain Mushtaq at the Asia Cup press conference as Pakistan unexpectedly advanced to the T20 world cup finals after nearly being eliminated from the tournament.

Mera dil ye pukaray ajaa:

Another very popular meme that was widely shared on the internet was of a young girl dancing to a remixed version of the song Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja from the Bollywood film Naiyya (1981).

The video became viral on social networking sites. It gave rise to a tonne of remixes and memes.

Social media went crazy over the “Dil ye pukare” and Bhanu Pratap Singh crossover. Many Indian celebs recreated the dance too.

Lahore da pawa, Akhtar lawa:

The extremely popular “Lahore da pawa, Akhtar Lawa” was the most recent addition to the 2022 memes log.

Due to his unique mannerisms and voice, the local businessman quickly rose to prominence. The man appeared on various TV shows due to his online notoriety.

Although there were many other incredibly funny crossovers, Akhtar Lawa with Shehbaz Sharif is the most well-known.




Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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