US addresses 750 Tesla-Autopilot user Complaints

Tesla cars on autopilot have halted on highways for no apparent reason, according to owners.

More than 750 Tesla owners have filed complaints with US safety officials alleging that vehicles equipped with the automaker’s semi-autonomous driving systems have abruptly halted on highways for no particular reason.

The figure was released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a comprehensive information request letter to Tesla that was uploaded on the company’s website on Friday.

The complaints which have come forward by the Tesla users are such as, concerning false brakes.  Also the reports of collisions, injuries, fatalities, and property damage. It also inquires whether the company’s Full Self Driving and automated emergency braking systems were activated during any event.

After receiving 354 complaints, the government began looking into phantom brakes in Tesla’s Models 3 and Y in February. The investigation is expected to involve 416,000 automobiles from the model years 2021 and 2022. The agency stated in February that it had received no reports of collisions or injuries.

Moreover, many owners wrote in their complaints that they feared a rear-end crash on a freeway.

In the letter, NHTSA asks for the initial speed when the cars began to brake, the final speed and the average deceleration, any tests or research into the braking difficulties, as well as any adjustments.

The letter focuses on Tesla’s testing of automated systems for detection of metal bridges, S-shaped bends, approaching and cross traffic, and various vehicle sizes, including huge trucks. The government also wants to know how cameras handle reflections, shadows, glare, and obstructions caused by snow or severe rain.

Written by Istafa Ali


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