Unpredictable about your Life? Bilal’s Har Qadam Song will Cheer You Up

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Unpredictable about your Life? Bilal's Har Qadam song will Cheer You up
Image Courtesy Bilal Ali

The song Har Qadam is Bilal Ali’s first solo single after he achieved success with Kashmir the band and branched out into solo work.

Har Qadam is an upbeat, melodious song with a deep message about life’s unpredictability and the wisdom in realizing it’s best to let go and let life happen. In today’s life especially, we definitely needed a song like this.

Ali wrote the song’s moving lyrics, which focus on the difficulties we encounter and the need to change with the wind. But that’s not all; Ali’s own life story is reflected in the tune as well.

A press statement states that Ali’s artistic development is summarized in Har Qadam. It’s a testament to his skill at fusing modern sounds with vintage synth-pop aesthetics, and it features a memorable hook. Life will always find its own path, and the song is about the frustration of trying to control it. Ali added in a statement, “It’s about accepting the fact that that’s okay.”

Bilal said, ‘It seemed like the Tetris game I was playing kept filling up with the wrong pieces, even though I kept picking the right ones.’ He also said, “That’s how I felt when I wrote the song.”
Even if things don’t go as planned, Ali wants his listeners to take heart from the song’s message that life will find a way. After that, he concluded by saying that the first part of Har Qadam talks about that feeling, and the rest acknowledges that the clock expires.

Ali hopes that his fans will be moved by the song and find peace in the fact that life will always find a way, even if their plans go wrong. “The first part of Har Qadam is about how that makes me feel, and the rest is about how the clock runs out,” he said.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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