The Moon is Drifting Away from the Earth!

Scientists say that about 2.46 billion years ago, the Moon was about 60,000 km closer to Earth than it is now.

Moon moving away from the Earth
Moon moving away from the Earth

According to NASA, researchers have shown that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is increasing at a rate of 3.8 centimeters each year.

In about 15 billion years, according to the calculations of the development of the Earth and Moon system, the Moon will have reached its farthest point of separation from the Earth at the current rate of separation.

Today, it is estimated that our Sun will enter the Red Giant phase anywhere between 6 and 7 billion years from now. The answer to your first question is that the Sun will swallow up the inner planets as its outer layers expand during the Red Giant phase before the Moon will cease moving away from the Earth. This is because the Moon will stop moving away from the Earth before the Sun will engulf the inner planets.

In the past, early human societies relied heavily on lunar cycles as a means of keeping track of time. But, as reported by the indy100 website, the new discovery has raised many issues about the veracity of previous results and discoveries. The Moon has never crashed with Earth, but if it kept moving away at the same rate, it may have done so some 1.5 billion years ago.

Experts think that the Moon is moving away from Earth because of something called the “Milankovitch cycle.” The cycles show how the slight change in the shape of the Earth’s orbit and axis affects how much sunlight reaches the planet.

The amount of sunlight the Earth gets affects its climate and shows when it will rain and when it won’t. Milankovitch cycles could cause the weather in a certain area to change completely. They were the reason why the Sahara desert got green for a while. They are also the main thing that changes how big lakes are on Earth.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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