Syma Nadeem – The Woman Of Passion

Syma Nadeem is a member of the national assembly and it is her mission to ensures that this beautiful country prospers.

In spirit of Women’s week – today we will talk about Syma Nadeem; the female Politician who has been doing all that she can to ensure that the world and especially Pakistan is a safer and better place for young girls. She is making all the efforts to equip the young girls with the opportunities they need to excel. To be a woman and still hold such a strong position is not an easy task and we are so happy that brave and courageous women like her are working for the betterment of the country.

Syma Nadeem is a member of the national assembly and it is her mission to ensures that this beautiful country prospers. Being a mother and a daughter, she knows how hard it can be at times for young girls and she wants that all hurdles that are present in a woman’s way should be removed.

Syma Nadeem is the minister of sports in Pakistan and her focus is to ensure that women and young girls from all over Pakistan get the opportunity that they need to make their mark in the world and let the world know how strong the women of Pakistan are. It is her passion and we can’t thank her enough for the contributions that she is making for Pakistan.

Furthermore, being a woman, she also knows the issues of harassment that women face. Unfortunately, the world works in weird ways – only 1% of the people in Pakistan are those who cannot control themselves, and because of them – all the men are defamed and shamed. We must all try to understand this and know that we cannot think negatively of an entire gender.

Understanding this, and knowing the level of harassment that women at times face in workplace – Syma Nadeem has taken it upon herself to include the sportswoman in this category and make sure that they also get their rights.

In Pakistan, young girls and women have a lot of passion but are at times held back because of different hurdles. Syma Nadeem knows of the potential of such girls and is weaving a path for them in which they will only excel.

It is for all these reasons and many others that we are forever grateful to this brave woman, and hope that wherever she goes and whatever she does – she knows that we stand behind her to support her. Syma Nadeem is an inspiration, and we hope that the younger generation sees her as the icon that she is and learns from her.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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