Sonam Bajwa Adores Pakistani Fans and Assures a Visit this Year

The Indian celebrity has expressed her interest in the country on multiple occasions

Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa, an Indian model who also works in the film industry, has lately seen a meteoric rise in fame thanks to the success of her acting roles. The Pakistani populace, who have taken an interest in the Punjabi celebrity, would be thrilled to learn that the celebrity has just proclaimed her affection for admirers “across the border.” The Punjabi celebrity has garnered the attention of many people in Pakistan.

The emcee of a recent public presentation that was made by Sonam Bajwa asked the model if she had a message for her adoring fans in Pakistan in a video clip that has since gone viral on the internet. She reacted enthusiastically, “I, too, have a lot of love for them and often interact with them over Twitter,” and was instantly met with a wave of exuberant shouts from fans in the area of the event. She flashed a bright grin at the crowd as she did so. “I, too, have a lot of love for them and often interact with them over Twitter,” she said.

However, this is not the first time the Indian star Sonam Bajwa has indicated interest in Pakistan; earlier in the year, she stated that plans for a trip over the border were well under way. This is the second time she has done so. The information was divulged during a question and answer session that took place on Twitter. One of Bajwa’s followers took advantage of the opportunity and asked her to “Sonam, please do visit Pakistan too someday!” Her response to this was, “I’m coming this year,” and she followed it up with a shushing emoji.

Earlier in the year 2022, while speaking with a radio outlet called Connect FM Canada, the actress who played Ardab Mutiyaran declared her wish to be in a relationship with Fawad, provided that he was not already married to another woman. “This is a mystery, and I can’t tell, but only that the person I want to have an affair with is already married.” She continued by saying, “I don’t have a thing for married men.” It’s Fawad Khan, so if he weren’t already married, I’d definitely go for it.


In an interview with Haroon Rashid from the BBC Asian Network, she also expressed her admiration for other Pakistani musicians such as Sajal Aly and for Pakistani television series such as Meray Paas Tum Ho.


Written by Istafa Ali


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