Samsung packs newest Galaxy S24 smartphones with AI functions

Samsung is including a number of AI features in its high-end Galaxy S24 models as part of an effort to draw customers.

In an attempt to rival Apple, Samsung Electronics launched its newest high-end smartphones on Wednesday. Among the many AI features on these devices is the ability to translate phone calls into multiple languages simultaneously.

According to statistics provider International statistics Corporation, Apple overtook Samsung in 2023 smartphone shipments, overtaking the company for the first time since 2010 as demand for high-end devices—a market area in which Apple is a leader—outpaces growth.

As a reaction, Samsung is including a number of AI features in its high-end Galaxy S24 models as part of an effort to draw customers.

The Galaxy S24 series is the first smartphone to offer two-way speech translation in real-time during a live phone call in two distinct languages, according to the firm.

The on-device AI feature, which is available in 13 languages, is provided via Samsung’s own generative AI training.

Moreover, it has a feature called “circle-to-search” that allows you to search any portion of an image on Google by circling it on the screen. AI translation and the ability to alter the message’s tone to one of casual, professional, business, or social media are two more features.

Additionally, there are AI voice recordings summaries and translations, “generative editing” of images that adds nonexistent backdrops, and a function that uses AI to fill in nonexistent frames in real-time films to create slow motion.

within the device Generative artificial intelligence (AI) refers to functionalities that are downloaded to each user’s device once they have been trained and do not require a cloud connection.

On-device AI is being marketed by companies such as Qualcomm and Samsung as being more secure for personal data because it doesn’t require sending data to the cloud in order to function.

Artificial Intelligence Smartphones
According to data source Canalys, only 5% of smartphones launched in 2024 will have AI capabilities; by 2027, this number is expected to rise to 45%.

As for the smartphone market, “generative AI on devices is bound to have a significant impact in the long run, especially in terms of user experience,” according to Counterpoint Senior Analyst Jene Park.

Park clarified that this might not “immediately affect smartphone purchases” because generative AI functions need time to include more and better data, which increases value for customers.

Sales of the Galaxy S24 series will begin on January 31.

The standard Galaxy S24 will cost $799 in the US, while two variants with better specifications, the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, will cost $999 and $1,299, respectively.

The base model and Plus are still priced the same by Samsung as they were the previous year. The Ultra now costs $100 more than before.

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