Riverdale Finale- Where The Characters Ended Up

Jughead the guardian angel then came to Betty and granted her want to go back in time to a specific day of her senior year that she missed out on because she was sick with the mumps at the time.

Riverdale Finale

Riverdale Finale – It seems fitting to bid Riverdale farewell as the town that was once lost in time after all of the ridiculous plots that have developed over the seasons, including time travel. You’re going to need tissues, whether or not you’re happy with how your favourite characters turn out. This is what actually occurred during the show’s finale.

The 1950s setting of Riverdale season 7 welcomed our characters’ “classic Archie Comics counterparts.” Only Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) choose to recall both the good and the bad, though, since Angel Tabitha (Erinn Westbrook) gave them all their positive memories back in the penultimate episode.

Betty Becomes a Successful Writer:

On the fittingly titled “Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Seven: Goodbye, Riverdale” series finale, the action was set 67 years in the future, with Betty now being 86 years old.

In the end, Betty lived longer than any of her other pals. She urged her granddaughter, named Alice in honour of her mother, to take her to Riverdale one last time because her memories were fading.

Jughead the guardian angel then came to Betty and granted her want to go back in time to a specific day of her senior year that she missed out on because she was sick with the mumps at the time.

Jughead, Betty’s guardian angel, reminded her of the destinations of all the characters after they left high school and went their separate ways while she relived her past.

After high school, the gang broke up.

“The Teenage Mystique,” a book Betty self-published, was a bestseller. She also created the feminist magazine She Says, freelanced as a writer in New York, and participated in social justice campaigns.

Although she never wed, she adopted a daughter named Carla and referred to her family as her genuine legacy, above and beyond her professional achievements. One final time, Betty travelled into Riverdale with her grandchild before passing away in the vehicle. Then she met up with all of her friends in the Sweet Hereafter, where they all lived out their teenage years hanging out at Pop’s.

Archie Left Riverdale

Archie developed his writing abilities and blossomed as a poet over the course of season seven. He travelled the nation working in construction the summer following his graduation.

He developed into a skilled builder and aspiring author.

In the end, Archie decided to make Modesto, California, his permanent home and began his own family. He was laid to rest in Riverdale alongside his late father, Fred Andrews.

Jughead Becomes a Prolific Writer

Jughead Jones becomes a prolific writer and created the wildly successful Madhouse Magazine. Jughead, who defined his magazine as “juvenile satire at best,” passed away at the age of 84. The publication was popular among young people.

He never got married and occasionally regretted it.

Veronica Becomes a Producer

Veronica purchased the Babylonium movie theatre in season seven, and she turned it around from a struggling theatre to a successful one.

She dreamed of using her financial acumen to work behind the scenes in Hollywood rather than in front of the lens.

Inseparable as teenagers, Betty and Veronica began to drift apart as they grew older.

She returned to Los Angeles after receiving her degree and was hired by a studio executive.  Veronica worked her way up the ladder, beginning as an assistant at Silver Shield Studios before producing enduring motion pictures. She also became a two-time Oscar winning producer.

When Veronica passed away, she was laid to rest in the renowned Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz Ended Up Together

The only couple from the episode that ended up becoming the endgame is Choni.

As a successful painter, Cheryl’s work was shown in galleries across the US and in certain regions of Europe.

Along with Cheryl, Toni, who served as class president her senior year, maintained her artistic and activist endeavours.

They relocated to the west, got married, and had a boy they named Dale after Riverdale.

Kevin Keller started a Broadway Company


Kevin met Clay Walker, a student at Riverdale High, when the crew was sent back to the 1950s, and the two became instant friends.

While Clay studied literature at Columbia University and Kevin studied musical theatre writing at New York University, they both moved to New York and cohabitated in Harlem.

Clay became a tenured professor at Columbia University, while Kevin had success in the theatre industry.

Kevin passed away in his sleep at the age of 82. A few weeks later, Clay passed away while feeding pigeons on a Central Park bench.

Reggie Mantle Became a Professional Basketball Player

Riverdale Finale episode

Reggie came from a small community called Duck Creek in the 1950s. To assist the Riverdale High basketball team regain its previous glory, he was drafted to play on the squad.

Reggie played for Kansas State after graduating from high school and was later selected by the Lakers.

He worked on his family’s farm back home during the off-season until they passed away. Then he sold the home and started working as the basketball coach at Riverdale High.

His two sons, both basketball players, later took over the family’s used vehicle dealership.

Reggie was buried next to his wife and parents when he passed away.

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Final Scene

After Betty passes away, we get a flashback of youthful Betty, who is now in the Sweet Hereafter, entering Pop’s and encountering all of her pals. We go outside and Veronica joins Jughead, Archie, and Veronica in a booth for some milkshakes. Jughead, the narrator, says about Riverdale Finale,

We’ll leave them here I think. Where they’re forever juniors, forever 17, always grabbing a burger or a shake, always going to or coming from some dance talking about school, the big game, who’s dating who, homework, whatever movie is playing at the Babylonium — you know, the moments that make up a life. It’s where they’ve, where we’ve, always been, in this diner, in this town, in the Sweet Hereafter. So if you happen to see that neon sign some lonely night, after that long journey, the journey that every one of us is on, pull over, come on in, take a seat, and know that you’ll always be among friends and that Riverdale will always be your home. Until then, have a good night.


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