Research Shows Online Electric Blankets are Harmful!

The consumer protection policy department has issued a warning about potentially hazardous electric blankets that can be purchased online.

Warning over electric blankets
Warning over electric blankets

A consumer watchdog has issued a warning about illegal electric blankets being sold online.

According to this some of the products on the market are “made so poorly” that they pose “a serious risk.” Electrical Safety First, an independent nonprofit, claims to have discovered “highly dangerous” electrical products being sold online by unofficial vendors. In order to better protect consumers, it seeks new rules and regulations. One of the products is the electric blankets which are being ordered online.

Due to the rising cost of living, electric blankets have become increasingly popular as people look for ways to cut back on their heating bills.

Lesley Rudd, who works as a researcher for the company, stated that “Households are perpetually being left at risk from products such as dangerous electric blankets,” because people are trying to reduce their energy bills.

Which? found that nine out of eleven electric blankets, throws, and shawls purchased from third-party sellers on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and Wish were illegal to sell in the UK.

During their investigation, the consumer champion group found flaws in the products’ manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and directions. According to this investigation, a number of products either did not bear the appropriate safety standard markings or had electrical wires that could be easily pulled out.
Some of the blankets were not only unsafe but also very inefficient and did not do their job (BBC).

The head of consumer protection policy, Sue Davies, warned that people’s safety could be at risk if they purchased these electric blankets cheaply on online marketplaces.

So that people aren’t put in danger unnecessarily, she said, “the government must act urgently to give online marketplaces greater legal responsibility for unsafe and illegal products sold on their sites.”


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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