‘Remembering the life of Noor Mukaddam’ Exhibition in PNCA

The idea was to celebrate the life’s work of Noor and honor the memory that we have of her now.

10th and 11th December was an emotional day for Islamabad. The day marked the remembrance and life work of the Late Noor Mukaddam at Pakistan National Council of Arts, PNCA. The idea was to celebrate the life’s work of Noor and honor the memory that we have of her now. Many celebrities, the Mukaddam family, the diplomatic community, and human rights activists attended the exhibition.

Late Noor Mukaddam

The exhibition was curated by Syed Jamal Shah, the former director-general of PNCA. He is also a renowned artist, director, and playwriter. The idea behind this exhibition was to remember the memory of Noor and see all the work that she had accumulated.

The exhibition included her calligraphy and paintings. One of her paintings was of a dog, which read, ‘It is inhumane to kill dogs. Treat dogs.’

Noor's painting.

Many people who went to the exhibition reported feeling extremely sad. One person said that while she had never met Noor, she could see that Noor was a kind and considerate person when she was alive.

The host of the exhibition, Rabia Amin, showcased all of Noor’s painting instruments. There were paintbrushes, pens, and brushes. People who went and saw Noor’s work, all commented that even though Noor is no longer with us, they could feel her soul in the exhibition. They could see the person she was and what she aspired to be.

People also said that they could see that Noor’s work was raw. She communicated through her artwork and expressed what she was feeling.

People at Noor Mukaddam's exhibition.

But more than an idea, there remains the idea; people do many things in this line of work. They showcase who they are and the creativity that they have. They express how they differentiate from everyone else with their genuine thoughts and creations. With Noor’s exhibition, we see who she was and that she will forever be remembered by the pieces that she has left us with through her paintings and her hard work.

We all pray that such a kind soul gets justice and swiftly.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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