Pakistani Movie Khel Is All Set To Release – So The Count Down Begins

The first Pakistani teenager movie ‘Khel’ is all set to introduce you to a whole new world where new standards would be set in the entertainment industry.

Khel to release soon

This year many great Pakistani movies have been released. They have set the standards of the movie industry of the country. But do you guys know that one movie is yet to hit the cinemas. The one ideated, created, and acted in by the most creative minds of our society i.e., the teenagers. Although young but creative enough to make it to the top-notch movies. The most common reaction in our country ‘what a movie produced by teenagers? Will it be good enough? They are such amateurs! But they have done what we couldn’t at their age and that’s what makes it the most anticipated Pakistani movie of the year. The first Pakistani teenager movie ‘Khel’ is all set to introduce you to a whole new world where new standards would be set in the entertainment industry. So, the countdown………..begins!

Khel Khel Mein – Teaser Released

About Khel

Riverview films enters the film industry with its first Pakistani teenager movie ‘Khel’. The reason it is called the first Pakistani teenager movie is that for the first time in the history of the country, a movie is created and acted in by teenagers. With the storyline, dialogues, cast etc. all is developed by teenagers. This shows that with the right platform and skills you can surely do wonders. And who said you need to be of certain age, and have a whole resume to achieve your goals. Khel, the movie is one fine example of ‘age is just a number’, ‘you should never miss an opportunity to do what is right’ etc.

Khel The Movie-Teaser Review

The film is directed by Zill-I-Atif. The cast includes Manahil Malik, Alaiba Misri, Dua Ali, Sameel Atif, Hassan Qadir, Abdul Nafay, and Abdul Rafay. Ahson and Nauman Chaudhary were the directors of photography.

We can definitely tell by just watching the trailer of the film that the movie is going to be epic. It has everything, you just name it. From adventure to tragedy, comedy to romance, thriller to suspense and whatnot. Believe us we are not the only ones who think that the movie is going to be one of the finest. Many Pakistani celebrities have also given shout outs to Khel, supporting, encouraging and admiring the efforts of the cast and crew. Celebrities like Saleem Miraj, Bushra Ansari, Yasir Hussain, Lila Zuberi among others have showed great interest and have high hopes that the movie will be exceptional.


Oh My God! Did we not mention the super, fun-loving and amazing cast of the movie Khel? Some like-minded, cool headed, passionate, and extremely talented teenagers banded together to make a successful movie like Khel. The cast has been seen in many interviews and conferences like the one held at the Punjab Council of the Arts Rawalpindi. The most awe-inspiring thing is that it didn’t feel like they were new to the entertainment industry.

We just can’t wait to see them on the big screen. The movie is going to release on June 3rd and we can’t help but wait for 10 days. Yeah, seems like long but we are counting days just like you, better not miss out on this adventurous movie Khel.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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