Movie: 2022 Matilda Vs 1996 Matilda

Is the musical version of Matilda superior to the 1996 version, or do both provide a well-balanced and memorable setting?

Matilda, whether it be 2022 or 1996, of them, feature memorable and remarkable acting from the adult characters.

But while both are excellent adaptations of a much-beloved story. The movie Matilda (1996) has a straight narrative, and Matilda the Musical is tilted towards a musical trend.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted fantasy movie, the 1996 Matilda movie is for you. But if you are a die-hard fan of musicals with a lot of sparkles and dance numbers, the 2022 film is tailor-made for you.

Both films are similar since they are based on the same story, but there are several major variations that spectators should be aware of.

Unlike the 1996 film, the new picture is a classic musical movie. The first Matilda was based on Roald Dahl’s novel, while the current one is based on Matthew Warchus, Dennis Kelly, and Tim Minchin’s 2011 stage musical of the same name. She was a sweet and little charming girl. 1996’s Matilda was able to capture the magical feeling of the book without an overly complex narration and without relying too much on visual effects

While both Mara Wilson and Alisha Weir have incredible telekinetic skills in their respective roles, the new Matilda’s abilities appear to be utterly out of this world. Matilda in 1996 could move and lift items, while the new one can use her thoughts to conjure explosions and giant creatures out of chains.

Matilda (1996) provides a greater insight into Matilda’s true happy ending, as she gets adopted by Miss Honey. This does not occur in Matilda The Musical on Netflix. Matilda still achieves her happy ending in the latter, but the plot and finale are more visionary and more like a fairy tale.

Similarly, the adult characters in both Matilda The Musical and Matilda (1996) deliver remarkable performances. Despite the controversy surrounding Thompson’s hiring, Emma Thompson’s performance as Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda The Musical is unforgettable. It indicates that the actor was the appropriate choice to play the villain in that part, presenting the character in a horrifying way.  Adding even more depth to the character of Miss Honey and delivering more detail in her tragic story with Lynch’s performance.

So, both parts are worth watching as the actors and production team in both films played their roles perfectly.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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