Meet Sana, India’s AI Newscaster

India Today, following in the footsteps of China’s AI-powered news presenters, has introduced its viewers to a female AI anchor named Sana.

Sana is India's AI News Caster
Sana is India's AI News Caster

Following in the footsteps of China’s AI-powered news anchors, the Indian media firm ‘India Today’ also made headway and introduced India’s AI Newscaster named ‘Sana.’

The advancement in mainstream media came when AI-powered bots demonstrated more efficiency and enabled fewer people to generate good outcomes.

During the India Today Conference 2023, Vice Chairperson Kalli Purie of the India Today Group introduced the bot AI. Sana, according to Purie, is a “bright, attractive, ageless, tireless” robot that can “talk in numerous languages” and is “completely” under his control.

Aaj Tak AI’s Sana will be available next week, providing daily news updates in many languages numerous times a day. In a new show, Sana will discuss and explain a certain topic every day, as well as interact with the audience, who will be able to ask questions.

Purie emphasized that Sana will not “take away the genius of real-life anchors” since they “will be teaching her,” despite the fact that this may come as a blow to many human anchors who have spent years in the media.
Purie speculated that Sana will soon be joined by a human surrogate editor and, ideally, other people to chat with.
Because he sees the future as “fascinating and terrifying,” the Vice Chairman is optimistic and open to the integration of AI and humanity.

India’s Ai newscaster is nonetheless similar to a human-looking girl.

Although Purie expressed concern about the pressure from political parties, commercial houses, foreign governments, and larger-than-life professionals, he said, “It is not new and asserted that India Today has never compromised on the stories it portrays.”
Purie commented, “Our credibility is vital to us.”
On Friday, the Taj Palace in New Delhi played host to the start of the 20th annual India Today Conference.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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