LUMS Students Threw a Fake ‘Shaadi’

A fake wedding celebration that took place among senior year students at LUMS has gone viral.

LUMS threw a Fake Shaadi
LUMS threw a Fake Shaadi

Some students in Pakistan have come up with an approach that allows them to experience all of the joy associated with a wedding without the added stress that is often associated with all of the other aspects of a marriage. Students from LUMS threw a fake Shaadi, and clips from it are currently trending on social media.

The videos of  LUMS students have gone viral shortly after they staged a sham wedding ceremony and reception at their school for everyone to attend and enjoy. While doing so, Internet users have expressed their thoughts on the matter. Let’s go a little more into this, shall we?

LUMS threw a fake Shaadi despite the fact that many people thought it to be innocent fun and even wholesome, some criticized the concept as expressing an unhealthy preoccupation with the idea of marriage.

Everyone’s college years are the most vibrant of their lives. For example, at this age, we had a lot of fun with our pals and didn’t have to worry too much about our work or lives.


To complete the believable wedding atmosphere, they select various delicacies and other elements. The Internet has been buzzing with people’s responses to this. Plenty of individuals believe that this is their final chance to have a good time. While some spoke negatively about it.

Osman Khali Butt tweeted in support of the LUMS students after he spoke out against them.


The celebration of this Fake Shaadi by LUMS was really quite adorable, yet it was nonetheless met with a great deal of controversy from the general public.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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