Viral Dancing Girl Ayesha Mano features in a Video Song

Ayesha Mano, who became famous online, appears in the music video “Badal Se Gaye.”

Ayesha Mano sings a song 'Badal se Gaye'
Ayesha Mano sings a song 'Badal se Gaye'

Ayesha Mano, who is quickly becoming a hit on social media, made her acting debut in the music video for ZK’s recently released ”Badal Se Gaye” song. On the other hand, just like with her earlier efforts, it appeared that the internet was not impressed.

Ayesha’s rise to popularity began after a video of her dancing to an old Indian song at a wedding went viral; ever since then, she has been picking up new modeling gigs on a daily basis.

In this song by ZK, Ayesha is shown in the music video as a young girl who lives in a quiet town and has fleeting romantic interactions with the person who she believes to be her perfect match.

Viewers were attracted to her getup since she was wearing the same pistachio green dress that she wore in the dance video for the song “Dil Ye Pukare Aaja,” which went viral. Not only did she wear an identical outfit to her friend’s wedding, but she also dressed in the same way, which resulted in her being famous on the internet.

Fans were not pleased with Ayesha’s performance in the music video, despite the fact that it is lighthearted and soothing in nature. She was called out by a number of users for always appearing in the same dress, and one user questioned whether or not she possessed any other clothing options.

On an earlier episode of Nida Yasir’s Morning Show, Ayesha Mano appeared in the exact same attire. Her acting skills were critiqued by a large number of people for being subpar.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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