Learning Will Be Made More Fun – Let’s See What TikTok, Edkasa, And LUMS Have In Their Bag

Three renowned entities have come together to bring forth first of its kind learning strategy that will add fun, entertainment, and taste to the boring text books.

TikTok, Edkasa, and LUMS new initiative

Whether Covid is over or not, is still debatable but one thing is for sure we have achieved normalcy in our lives. We are back to offices (never got the chance to leave by the way), students are back to schools, colleges, and universities, women are back to shopping malls. It all sounds normal. However, there is one thing that we have lost during the lockdown years i.e. concentration. Regardless it’s toward work or studies, we are unable to concentrate like we used to do. Especially students are having a hard time reverting to conventional learning mediums. Nevertheless, some institutions are working on new creative ways to get back students lost focus and attention. Learning will be made more fun – let’s see what TikTok, Edkasa, and LUMS have in their bag.

Knowledge Platform Launches Educational Device To Fight Digital Divide

Three renowned entities have come together to bring forth first of its kind learning strategy that will add fun, entertainment, and taste to the boring text books. Although, it would not replace the text books but will enable the students get hand on knowledge about basic concepts, exam hacks, science etc. Just imagine, learning about Rutherford’s atomic model through a TikTok video? Unique, captivating, and informative, right?

TikTok’s engagement since last few years has been immense. The best platform to get all the students attention and make them learn new things. Edkasa is Pakistan’s leading online learning platform for matric and FSC students. While LUMS is one of the country’s top universities. All these platforms have converged to launch a digital learning program to help students struggling with their studies. The new program #ExamReady would cater to high school students aged 13 to 18.

According to Edkasa’s co-founder, Annum Sadiq “Just last year, over five million questions were answered on Edkasa’s app by Pakistani students. We have always championed a human centred design approach and invest heavily in understanding the learning preferences and challenges of our students.”

The best thing about this unique initiative is that it would be accessible to millions of students. The content would be more focused and will make students want to learn more. It is also said that “This project will bring to life over 500 educational videos online covering chemistry, physics and mathematics, including study tips and exam hacks that will benefit all students, regardless of which curriculum of education they follow.”

Emphasizing on the importance of social media in present era Annum Sadiq said “Social media has been seen as an equaliser where these users have been able to actively engage in conversations and experiences that they earlier did not have access to for no fault of their own. We do envision these videos to be accessible to such learners especially since the medium of instruction will be in Urdu with translation in key regional languages.”

A creative way to get our kids educated. The #ExamReady digital program will make it easier for students who were unable to carry on with their education due to covid.


Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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