Kylian Mbappe is set to leave PSG this season

kylian Mbappe set to leave PSG this season

On a rather emotional note this Friday, French soccer sensation Kylian Mbappe turned to social media to reveal a major shift in his career: he will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain at the end of this season. Broadcasting directly to his followers on platform X, Mbappe shared a heartfelt message about closing this significant chapter of his life.

“Today, I speak directly to you,” Mbappe stated. “I’ve always promised that I’d share news with you at the right time—today is that day. It’s my last season wearing the Paris Saint-Germain jersey.”

He continued, confirming the looming end of his time with PSG: “I will not be extending my contract, and my incredible journey with this esteemed club will conclude in just a few weeks. My final match at the Parc Des Princes will be this Sunday.”

Mbappe expressed a deep sense of nostalgia and gratitude as he reflected on his tenure with PSG, a period marked by immense growth and achievement. “These years have been profoundly emotional. I’ve had the distinct honor of playing for the greatest French club, a journey that saw us clinch three Ligue 1 titles.”

In his video, Mbappe didn’t just reminisce about past glories but also shared his appreciation for the opportunities that PSG provided in shaping him both as a player and a person. “Joining one of the world’s elite clubs allowed me to develop under pressure, evolve amidst some of the sport’s legends, and forge invaluable connections. It’s been a period of significant personal and professional growth.”

Gratitude was a key theme as Mbappe acknowledged everyone at PSG—from his teammates and managers to the unsung heroes working behind the scenes. “Despite everything, there are true lovers of this club who strive to safeguard its legacy. Thanks to these individuals, I am confident PSG remains in great hands.”

The decision to leave, he confessed, was far from easy. “It’s incredibly tough—leaving my home country, the Ligue 1, a league I’ve known all my life. I never imagined it would be this difficult.”

Mbappe also holds onto hope for one last hurrah, aspiring to add another trophy to PSG’s cabinet before his departure. “We aim to end this season with a trophy, cherishing every moment that’s left. Believe me, PSG and its fans will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

As PSG prepares to face Toulouse at Parc Des Princes after a challenging match against Borussia Dortmund earlier in the week, fans will no doubt rally behind Mbappe, hoping for a victorious send-off for their star

Written by Istafa Ali


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