Kuch Ankahi Finale wins Hearts

Released On Saturday, Kuch Ankahi Finale was filled with a range of feelings and a happy finish for everyone.

Kuch Ankahi Finale

Released On Saturday,  Kuch Ankahi Finale was filled with a range of feelings and a happy finish for everyone. Salman (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Aaliya (Sajal Aly) got engaged, Asfar (Sheheryar Munawar) stood out as a hero for his selfless sacrifice, and Samiya (Mira Sethi) and Sofia (Vaneeza Ahmed) found peace in their families that they had been looking for since the beginning of the family drama.

Fans of the Agha family, who have watched the series for the past six months, were happy with the ending, which was written by Muhammad Ahmed. They were so happy that they went on Twitter to talk about and enjoy the much-needed “upgrade” to television in Pakistan. In the last few minutes of the play, the theme song Dildara, sung by Azaan Sami Khan, was the icing on the cake.

“this is a huge boost to Pakistani TV! No fancy houses, scheming saas (mother-in-laws), bad puphos (son-in-laws), or crying bahus (daughter-in-laws). They didn’t even have any guys who got confused and cheated. This Drama is a huge improvement over the terrible TV shows we have now. Watch this show if you want to see good material!” look at a tweet.


Once Again”Kuch Ankahi” is Breaking the Stereotypes of in-Laws

The end  has definitely left a hole in the hearts of its loyal fans, who have thanked the show for taking them on a unique trip every Saturday. Fans can’t wait for the next project where Bilal and Sajal work together, because they want to see how well they work together on screen again.

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