ITCN Asia 2022 – Pakistan’s Biggest IT & Telecom Exhibition

This time of the year too Pakistan is all set to host the biggest event that would provide every company a chance to showcase their products.

Punjab to host ITCN Asia 2022

Pakistan is setting the stage for a conducive environment for the IT and business sector to develop. This attempt of Pakistan also opens the gates for foreign investments that would further help the Pakistani business sector to diversify. This time of the year too Pakistan is all set to host the biggest event that would provide every company a chance to showcase their products. Yes, ITCN Asia, 2022 is back, which is known as Pakistan’s biggest IT & Telecom exhibition.

ITCN Asia 2022

Information Technology Commerce Network Asia is the biggest platform in the IT, Telecommunication, and business sector that Pakistan hosts. The platform invites all the brands from the world to show the world their services and state-of-the-art products. Everyone gets a chance to get familiar with the latest technologies, strategies, and business models. This platform also helps in forging business-to-business alliances. Isn’t it amazing that everything related to the business and its development would be provided under the same roof?

The platform was launched in 2001. Though initially it just served the business community of Pakistan however, over the years its reach has extended to the whole region. Because of the efforts of ITCN Asia, Pakistan’s image has been improving in the world of information technology. Moreover, it is playing an important role in bringing local and foreign investments into the country.

Pakistan has been hosting many amazing events this year. ITCN Asia is one of them. It would be the 20th time that Pakistan will be hosting such a large-scale event. However, this time it would be not held in Karachi. The ITCN Asia will be held in Lahore Expo Center from 16th to 17th March 2022.

Technology is indeed seeing new heights in Pakistan. Such events would soon make Pakistan a hub of information technology. This will also help boost Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan’s efforts in bringing technological advancement are acknowledged and well perceived by China.

China’s Investment in the IT industry

Pakistan’s last visit to China is resulting in many significant changes. During the visit, the Premier met many Chinese IT enterprises. Premier highlighted the potential of Pakistan’s IT industry which led to the rise of IT investments from China. Professor Cheng Xizhong, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, on his visit to Pakistan said that Pak-China collaboration will open new avenues for the IT industry of Pakistan.

Due to CPEC, Pakistan is speeding up to attain digitalization in all sectors. Moreover, the government is investing highly in the IT sector which is the need of the hour. Some of the measures taken by the government are.

  • The government has allocated Rs.10 billion for the IT sector’s development.
  • IT export enterprises are given cash bounces, 5% export tax rebate.
  • 2 million students from all over Pakistan are taking digital skills courses.
  • Moreover, the IT sector is open to all. It is also empowering women to join the industry.

Such measures are making the IT industry flourish. It’s a good thing Pakistan has now been allocating the national resources to the right industry.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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