How To Make Your Boss Happy

Every sub-ordinate in a working space has an urge and desire of getting credit and appreciation from their boss. Being punctual, being honest, and working hard might sound like some of the essentials to make your boss happy.

Every sub-ordinate in a working space has an urge and desire of getting credit and appreciation from their boss. Being punctual, being honest, and working hard might sound like some of the essentials to make your boss happy. In this modern era, there are more factors by which an employee can make his boss happy. This isn’t just an era of hard work, it’s very important to fuel your hard work with smart work and good communication. Kabhi kabhaar sirf uthaane se kaam nahen chalta, kuch ker kay bhi dikhana hota hai! For that exact purpose, we have compiled a few pointers on how to make your boss happy!

To pursue a successful career and to be a hero in your boss’s eyes, it is very important to be sharp, be smart, hardworking, and to follow the following tips which will help you in making your boss happy.

  1. Be proactive

Accomplishing the given tasks might be good enough to go well and easy at your workplace. But being proactive can support you in becoming a star performer for your boss. Don’t wait for your boss to come to you and assign you tasks, you should be proactive and ask your boss for the work. But be careful, your boss might think that you are being overconfident and trying to make him happy cheaply.

  1. Spend extra minutes

Trying to finish tasks before the given time is a great thing to do. But you should be careful, make sure you don’t make any blunder. Because bosses have this quality of pin-pointing mistakes out of nowhere. Aur bura din kab hoga ye kis ko patah hai? So, to avoid this you should give proofread your work and give your task a few extra minutes. Also be cautious that in an effort of spending extra minutes, your boss should not tell you that you waste time. Remember, looking busy is as important!

  1. Do what you say, say what you mean

This is a very important tip. In an office or any working space, your communication and commitments are very vital. In a meeting, you must not commit to unachievable goals. Make gettable commitments. Also, know your potential before taking up a task. Because it would get you into trouble when you fail to fulfill what you have said. This will give your boss a chance to grill you. Never forget bosses are good at finding reasons to embarrass you. Seedhi Baat, No Bakwas, would be a nice way to put it.

  1. Know Your Boss

An idea about your boss’s mentality and thinking can give you an edge in becoming a shining star in your office. You should also know what your boss wants from a specific project or a specific employee. It will help you put in your efforts and achieve goals in a much more meaningful way. It’s an important tip to make the boss happy. But always be careful, not to lose your creativity because your boss can find out that you are just trying to make him happy. Kyun kay seedha shakkar moun me jayegi to Meetha he lagay ga na!

  1. Know Company Goals    

No one wants to work in the same position forever. Every employee has an eye on stepping up to the next position. For which it is very important to know your company goals in a broader spectrum. You must prove yourself as a perfect fit for the next position in the company. This will help you work in the way your company wants you to. Ooper jana hai, bohut ooper nahen, keep that in mind!

  1. Request, don’t complain

Sir, wo na darasal…” Never is a good starting point for any conversation. There are always different departments and a lot of employees in any company. You might get some issues from other departments or other employees. In this case, you should request to resolve the issue professionally. If you choose to complain over a request, it will show your non-acceptance towards your colleagues. This habit will always make your boss angry. Make requests to your boss, bosses always like to be respected.

  1. Offer solutions

In an office, you will face problems every day on an individual level, on a department level, and on a company level. Sometimes your boss will find it difficult to find a solution to a problem. Giving an applicable solution at the right time can boost your reputation in your boss’s eyes. The next time your department or company faces any problem your boss will approach you as a problem solver. Chance pe dance, as they say, might come in handy.

These are some basic tips on which you can work and make your boss happy. Sometimes you might think you have done good enough to make your boss happy. But never forget, the boss is the boss. If you spend extra minutes on an assignment your boss might tell you that you cannot manage your time. If you submit your task early, your boss can tell you that don’t be over-smart.

Making your boss happy is a very difficult ask, bosses have this tendency of picking a reason to let you down out of nowhere. You can’t even argue with your boss even he is wrong, because the boss is always right. And for all other situations, Ya to phir Mastercard ya Phir Duain!

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed

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